Extended hours, after hours, pre market

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Thank you very much for the interest shown.

Developments in this particular direction have been paused for the time being.

Nonetheless, the feature remains a part of our long term vision, so we’ll let you know immediately once there’s any progress.


Hi - I just wanted to know if trading 212 intends on introducing extended trading (pre and after) into their ISA platform. I was recently made aware of this ability on other platforms giving users an edge to get into trades before markets open. I noticed some stocks having big spikes during afterhours which only appear for t212 users at 2:30PM GMT when markets open - I had made the mistake of placing a market order last weekend, after t212 crashed it placed my order at the peak of the spike, which I would of otherwise seen coming if I had access to the extended trading time feature!

Does anyone know more about this or could give any tips / advice that would help me, would be greatly appreciated.


I would very much welcome extended market hours (pre and after)

You can prevent your case from happening by doing two things:

  • check current price on webull, yahoo finance etc (any website showing current quotes)

  • place limit orders (almost exclusively)


I appreciate your advice and will do this in the future, thank you very much!

and yes I hope they add this feature aswell.

Will we ever get extended hours trading?

@David @George bump, any news

Hi T212 team,

I was wondering, with all this volatility market with 20% gaps in both sides during normal hours in many stocks, if you have plans to add extended hours.

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Is this still on the cards for a possibility in 2022?

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We have focused our efforts on tasks that will improve the quality of service in other areas. Currently, we cannot commit to an ETA.


Hey @Bogi.H @Team212 @David @B.E

Would it be too rude to ask trading 212 to prioritise those updates/features that are meaningful to clients instead of wasting time on less meaningful updates that does not benefit clients ?!

  • Level 2 Data
  • Pre Market / After hours trading.

These are very meaningful features that clients would benefit from, but seem to be way down the list for trading 212?


They benefit you, but not me. So between us who should they prioritise more?

They developed features they can with the teams they have.


Robinhood will now support this. Would be great if T212 follows.


Doing extended hours on the cfd is an absolute joke!, the main priority first should have been the isa/invest, i get alerts everyday people saying what they have made pre market and its an unexplainable pain.
the day traders cook the goose and eat it and we here at trading 212 pickup the bones and scraps like oliver twist.

You know there are plenty other brokers you could use if your trying to scalp pre/post market trading rather than long term investing?

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I have tradezero but that in the U.S and they charge to transfer money.
Webull and robinhood and many others are not available in uk and the ones that are do not have extended hours so we are limited to are choice, if robinhood and webull were available alot of people would leave trading 212 so its more beneficial for them to have extended hours on there platform soon as possible, adding it in the CFD was the worst idea ever! the priority should have been there invest/isa first.

I don’t think this is the case at all. I have zero interest in pre or post markets and would suggest the vast majority of people will agree once they experience it - it’s a nasty place to ply your trade.

I have experinced it, and i think it works to my advantage.

The spread and liquidity on pre/post markets can or are in most cases, against the retail investor. Least that is my view. There can also be a lot more volatility as well, post company news releases so you could in theory ride a wave up briefly to take a small profit, or exit a position quicker on bad news. With the latter, the markets generally overreact to good/bad news, so you are possibly best waiting put as it’s a bit like catching a falling knife.

I can’t see why 212 wouldn’t offer this if they could, especially if they could derive more profit from it.

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