Extended hours, after hours, pre market

yeah great news. only had 1 question for the t212 team if they are monitoring it, is whether this is for all types of accounts, i.e. ISA and Invest.


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I am pleased to see that functions are being implemented that make T212 increasingly competitive. The last thing missing is the introduction of Tradingview charts for the web platform, I read that it will be implemented in the future. At that point you will have a competitive broker even with those famous brokers who cannot operate here in the EU.
Thank you always for the continuous work you do, keep it up!

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@H2T2, the option will be available for both Invest and ISA. Regarding CFD accounts, trading the most liquid and widely known US stocks is currently possible during the extended hours session.

@FraMrt07, thanks for the feedback! You can be sure we’ll keep introducing new features :muscle: I’ll let you know once I have any news about integrating TradinView charts on the web app.


Is extended hours, which has different liquidity, going to be a problem since T212 no longer shows bid/ask?