Extremely Slow Again! - ✅ Solved

GNL was stuck in processing for 7 mins but the rest of my sell orders were instant.

The issue’s on our execution intermediary’s end, they’re working to resolve this ASAP. This has affected about 35 unique securities.


$MARK totally stuck. Prob waiting around 10 mins to buy…

@ David, I’m having the same issue, over 10mims to execute buy orders and the price has moved on at the point it executes, that cant be right?

My orders were loading more than 15 min today. When US markets open, the prices fluctuate the most, and if your orders delay, you will loose money. I normally use limit orders, but some times when you need to execute a market order fast in order to avoid loosing money and to take profits and if your market orders delay, then for sure you will loose money as the price might go fast in opposite direction then expected. Very very disappointed :frowning:. If it will continue I will transfer all the funds to another broker. We need speed of execution in order to make money by trading. What is the point of all your efforts to implement new features if the speed of execution is extremely slow, useless. You need to find a solution for that ASAP.
If no, goodbye T212.


Stuck order for WDC. Showing as processing for several minutes.

Agree. Also trading on open. Very nerve wracking seeing stuck orders. We need notifications if there are issues with intermediaries so that we can switch to another platform. I really love 212 for all the features and ease of use but, I agree, execution needs needs to be priority here.

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Here you go, still waiting…
Unbelievable :rage:

Very annoying, I put a limit order in at 1500hrs, price hit that yet my limit order is still pending now and the share price has increased again so I’ve missed out on that too

An absolute shambles! Same issue everyday looks like nothing is done about it - waited 15 min for my order to go through. This is costing people money!!!

Why was my original post removed? At least give us some transparency, if this isnt going to be fixed I and many others will move to another broker. Happening all too often now, and were the ones paying the price for it

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they should seriously put more efforts on improving execution than adding new features

I wonder which free platform has perfect execution speed on US opening? I would like to test this platform from curiosity… please share/enlighten me. :beer:

I know Revolut barely loads on US open, let alone buy/sell…


I really liked your product and the effort of offering nice features for your customers. But as I mentioned earlier, what is the point if things don’t work well. You need to provide reliable services in order to succeed. Luckily I did not deposit a big sum of money, I said: let me try to see how it works and then if everything goes well then I will deposit much more money. Imagine if you place an order which can bring you thousands of profits and because of the speed of execution you loose the profit, or even worst - you loose thousands. It’s unacceptable.
99,9% that I will take my money back and use another broker. This is not a joke.

The free service doesn’t excuse 15 min execution speed. If you want to make money by trading speed is the key. Providing such poor service T212 will never attract big money to their accounts, because it’s not reliable.

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I have account with interactive brokers and hardly ever experienced slow execution

I never wrote anything negative on this community forum, you can check. But today I literally exploded.

As mentioned earlier, this issue’s arising from our execution intermediary -> Interactive Brokers. This is happening only with a small number of stocks & they’re working on solving it.

What’s happening with the us stocks? It takes like 20-30 minutes sometimes to place a buy request.

Trading212 please do something about this, it’s very frustrating…or at least give the people the possibility to cancel orders If placing takes so much time.

Thank you!

I understand your frustration and how bad it can be however bear with them as they are trying their best with current circumstances. We all praise their progress and new improvements/tools but quick to beat them down when things don’t work.

Give them time as it’s in their interest for us to be happy. Bear with them.