Information about Processing orders

Hello guys,

I have read similar topics on this but i dont see any solution.

Lost $150 because of this issue and more smaller losses because of very late execution. This im sure is a glitch in the system.

Faster process, lose the graphics if that makes the platform being steady and more improving.

Thanks again Guys!



Sometimes it takes really too long, especially with penny stocks, they move fast! I hope there is a solution!

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Any chance you can provide some more details? i.e. when, what stock, what price, order type

Normally in the past when people have complained about “slow execution” it turns out the trade executed in normal time (milliseconds) once a buyer/seller was found - without more information would have to assume this is the case again here.

Thanks for your feed.

This happend on numer occasion I each time cancel the order because I know when the order is going thru its way to late. Offcourse i was certain it didnt have to do anything with volatility, halt, or offer/demend aspect.
I am very sorry to say that i havent documented late and cancelled orders not going when excuted and when there is no reason why thy didnt whent thru.

The one that stuck with me was the 150 loss because of it. I actually searched for it before opening this tag in my history orders. Hopefully will find it on my second attempt.

One tume i left the solled order for about 30 minutes and didnt excute at all. so i cancelld it again. Again an order with good offering, demand and overal volume.

Cant tell what the problem is.

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No worries! Make a note next time of the trade that is taking longer than expected to execute and I’m sure someone here will be able to offer an explanation if one exists.

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Will do. Thanks for your reply.

Which stock was it on?

What type of order?

It was on GLSI if i recall or Sellas one of those.

What type of order? Presumably not a limit order?

We really need details to help you see if there is a problem or whether you were just unlucky with timing.

Yes i found it.

Wunung Net technology,
Positioned 19 stocks on 17 december with a stoploss
i dont you use limit at all.

Number of (cancelled) orders for not going thru is unlimited.

I’ve seen similar threads quite a few times and thought it was on penny stocks or low volume stocks. Or they were on a few days where whole market went crazy.

Recently (on 30th Dec) I had 8 out 9 orders executed instantly and the last one got stuck at processing(Broadcom AVGO). For more than 30 minutes. I cancelled it, created the transaction again and after another 30 minutes I contacted support.

Support was quick to dismiss my query saying it is a low volume stock and this happens, when there is no market makers. I pointed out that the stock is AVGO and linked the latest transactions from NASDAQ/AVGO page where there were hundreds of shares sold/bought every second. So it is an actually very high volume stock…

While still on the chat with the support the trade executed… Taking hours for a very commonly traded big stock is plain unacceptable. Whatever the issue is has to be fixed.


My cousin and I noticed when trying to sell a large position in an AIM stock, the order would just sit there and not go through. My cousin then suggested we try in smaller batches, and that worked.
Instantly sold the small position, so we managed the whole thing relatively quickly in 8 consecutive sell orders