[Fractional] SPDR ETFs


In the dawn of the new AutoInvest feature from this month, I would like to be able to add in a portfolio the following (€ - which are not fractional now):

ISIN Ticker Name
IE00B469F816 SPYM^ SPDR MSCI Emerging Markets
IE00BSPLC298 ZPRX SPDR MSCI Europe Small Cap Value Weighted
IE00BSPLC413 ZPRV SPDR MSCI USA Small Cap Value Weighted

^with this ETF is something wrong: since 05.03.2018 is having the same price. Please a fix.

Extra ETFs info

Also, since all ETFs have the ETF family logo (iShares, Vanguard, Invesco, etc.) and not the mother company logo, maybe also the SPDR ones can have this one or this one.*
*Related to this I don’t know if you guys have some update on this topic, but might be helpful for ETF investors.

I know now is a heavy period and also combined with the change of data provider is blocking adding new instruments (and new fractional as I observed), but I just wanted to record my request and hopefully, I can take full advantage of AutoInvest feature soon.

Cheers, and stay safe! :v:

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@David, is SPYM problem related with data providers or you think can be fixed before the platform updates?

@BullChew That’ll be fixed once the new data provider goes live - hopefully, next week.

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Okay, it’s clear now. :+1:
Thanks for the update!

The data for SPYM got updated since data provider change, but still there is this message:

Is this something that can get fixed in the future? Also, is there a chance for it to get fractional along with the other 2 ETFs from the original request?

@David, any update on this subject (including the info from initial post)?

L.E.: SPYM working now

Hello guys (@David, @Martin, @PeterA)! Can you help me with the initial request regarding those fractional ETFs?

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:pray: :bowing_man: I hope these can be added to this week’s fractional batch :pie: :money_mouth_face:

There are various SPDR ETFs like SXLE, SXLU, etc that aren’t fractional yet, any plans to add fractional support to those?