Free Dividend & Portfolio Tracker


Great, I was looking for a website like that! I would gladly test it out :slight_smile:
I contacted you through the website as here there is no possibility to send a private message (at least I don’t have it).

Just catching up with community posts. Happy to give it a try

Hello There,

I am an existing premium GetQuin portfolio tracker member and I Iove it. It automatically connects to my T212 account.

I am happy to help. I am a software engineer so I can help and happy to test your app.


I’m pretty sure you have to provide your actual trading212 email and password, that’s against t212 advice…

Snowball app for example, uses API instead. Much safer.

Andy, Nice of you. What is the snowball app? Link please.

I believe you are talking about snowball analytics app, right? I try to see the price but the webpage is not showing the prices.

That’s the one. ‎Snowball Analytics on the App Store

I am using their free trial at the moment but like that it uses API connection instead so I’m likely to pay for a plan.

I just created an account and selected “sync via Snaptrade” and is now syncing my T212 data using API key.

You are amazing, Andy. Thanks a lot for recommending this.

Hope it will fetch the data, fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

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