FTSE 100 rollover issue?

Hi - that is essentially due to it being a future. Today was the last day of the June future.

The September one is essentially the guestimate of what the FTSE could be in September. As we get closer, the live FTSE price will start to align to the September one.

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Thanks that’s helpful. It’s just annoying because so far I could monitor in so many ways seeing the prices everywhere and now I’m 50 points lower when I was looking forward to getting close to 300 again! They’ve been pretty much the same price so far so it’s a bit of a bummer.

Also the fact that the app now shows a 1000 point loss in the red for today when we’re actually up isn’t very helpful to ones state of mind from a psychological standpoint. This stressful enough as is! :slight_smile:

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Why don’t you guys roll over the contract days in advance like you do for other instruments?

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That would be sensible. Would have saved me £1500!

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$500 over here… I’m really confused why they did this last minute… Makes no sense at all to me.


Guys rollovers are usually pretty smooth i don’t think this is normal and I’m sure they’re looking into it. So wouldn’t worry.

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From my discussion with them on the forum and chat, there was nothing wrong and it is due to “low liquidity”. I have been told it is a loss and no money back. I don’t think they are investigating.

The difference is price is adjusted for so that isn’t an issue

Same here. I don’t understand why it went up 40/50 points for the June contract. I can’t find anything to explain it.

More than anything I just want to understand why.

My issue is that when I look at my trades. even on low spread I’m showing losses, so how can I know when to close the trade. Normally when something is rolled over and even adjusted you can still see where you need to close a trade rather than it being way out.

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Ahh yes that is an issue that can be fixed. However I have had that on other instruments for over a month.

I just manually calculated via experimenting with the take profit / stop loss

That needs to be fixed otherwise it’s almost impossible to trade effectively. Like I said normally everything does rollover just fine :slight_smile:

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@ABtrade It’s neutral & added to the position result. If you bought 1 quantity at $2 & the next contract price is $3, we’ll subtract -$1 from the result to nullify/neutralize the difference between the contracts.

If the next contract’s price was $1, we’d add +$1 to your open p/l in order to nullify the difference. That’s why you see a purchase price of $1, current price of $3 but still not profitable.

Rollover is always net neutral.

@matinator That’s what we’ll probably be doing from now on. At least a day in advance to avoid liquidity issues & wide spreads.

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@tradedemon There were no issues with the rollover. Please, go through my calculations to understand why what you’re seeing is in fact correct.

@david I get the calculations and the adjustments applied but the numbers don’t align with the charts. How am I supposed to know when to close a trade and how much profit/loss is made when they don’t align with the charts visually. It’s a guessing game.

@tradedemon Unfortunately, there’s no perfect way to do this. Another option is taking the funds straight out of your account balance which also has its negatives as you’ll think you’ve made a profit & close the position but afterward see that nothing’s actually happened profit/loss-wise.

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@David Hmmm first time I’ve experienced such a massive disconnect, seems like rolling with futures contracts is more tempremental than when we went off spots (even if futures does save us on costs like dividends and interest).

Is there no way to rollover at a time where the disconnect is less and more aligned with the spots.

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I have to say that this also drives me crazy! Both the fact that the indicators are totally off (showing massive gains or losses because there’s several years missing in between) but also the fact that I can’t see trends and historical comparisons to the last two years is very irritating. How about an option to at least be able to see the spot index for a future, and always wipe the “historical” data for the futures so they start when the rollover happened? Of course the best would be if the whole experience was more akin to what we had before you switched to futures - I’m really not very happy with the current situation.


Agreed it’s a bit handicapped now. This is my one hour chart for Ger 30. This is all the data available to me.

I have a 100 moving average there too (green line). Is this using the previous 100 hours that we can’t see?

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