FTSE 100 rollover issue?

Agreed, extremely difficult to trade like this. Definitely preferred the more seamless model of going against spots. It’s like adding more confusion into an already confusing situation.


The app and web platform are obviously broken, the NASDAQ100 was frozen from US open time 14:30 til gone 15:00 - I confirmed this by checking different accounts on different devices, I have screen recordings of how messed up everything is not just the roll over, screwing up all my positions because the ticker wasn’t moving neither were any of my positions while i watch the official nasdaq go up and down…

Many of us have reported Trading 212 to the financial ombudsman as a result, similar things have happened many times before (nothing to do with a rollover) and i have been documenting a case for some time… Follow our twitter thread here:

We are holding them accountable for the negligence in their platform.


It’s nonsense. I’ve escalated it to senior management. The Kat form was broken all of Friday and displaying misleading information.

Also, the fact that these were all changed to futures contracts but they are not clearly labelled as such makes it even more dubious and less credible.

The rollovers happened 5.5 hours before their notification stated they would (14:29 instead of 20:00).

I have, for example, been stuck with a long buy position at 3199 on the SPX500 and supposedly the instrument was temporarily frozen but it turns out it was not and I’ve now got this as well as well the other mistakes committed by Trading 212 on Friday.

They seem to be very good at subverting attention away from what they’ve done wrong and instead, putting up information which suits their agenda.

It is quite simply, misleading, predatory and wrong on so many levels.

I kind of agree with you but have just accepted the fact because:

  • If the rollover happened when it was meant to happen then the price would still be 3199 (but yes agree rollover time was incorrectly stated which is very misleading)
  • There was clear communication about the futures but unfortunately not a lot of what this meant

It would be nice to be compensated for the 50 point difference but that isn’t going to happen.

I hope they rollover in advance next time and provide clear communications.