GameStop taking off

Can a circuit breaker be applied and a price drop implement does anyone know?

They can monitor but they can’t actively do anything if people are buying and holding.

Not involved myself but I hope that those Redditors do hold to prove a point to those Institutional Investors not to short over 100% of shares in future.

Feels like they exploited what some have known the whole time. We Retail Investors are at the bottom rung for opportunities


Just got into the GME stock! Already 20% up! I would buy more but trading212 app is broken like it’s been the whole day!


I just bought a ton today, hopefully we rocket up tomorrow or monday too

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Yeah me too! This app is really unreliable! Tried to sell an entire pie and buy more GME but couldn’t sell one cent. Timeouts all day!

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Just remember though that the pie being sold will still be in selling mode until it’s sold. If certain stocks have a lower liquidity it can take time but, fear not good things are ahead