GIA / ISA transfer times

Just a general question, but I am thinking of moving some assets into 212.

I understand currently it’s only cash, but what sort of timelines do they work to, and would it be possible to share these on a periodic basis as may be of interest to some users to manage expectations and time out of market.

Despite our desire to be as transparent as possible, we do not want to make false promises.

When we rely on external providers for this feature, any ETA will be rather a guestimation. Nevertheless, we will update this thread on any developments regarding the in-specie transfers.

No worries. No need to update the thread the inspecie piece, I’m fairly active and monitor the forum.

I was more curious to something along the lines of “we haven’t had a transfer in from X in a while but the last one too 3 weeks” or so on…

Let’s see if I got your question right, @Dougal1984 - if you want to transfer a part of/ your whole ISA - you can initiate a cash transfer, which takes up to 30 days, depending on your current provider’s workload.

GIA transfers work similarly, without the need to wait as long. You simply liquidate your positions with your current provider and transfer the proceeds over to your broker of choice.

Let me know if you had something else in mind, though.

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Yeah that’s what I was curious off. I’m going to sell / rebalance as much quicker that way - thanks for confirming :pray:t2: