Got a pending order that's stuck what to do?

I placed a limit order yesterday and it’s now stuck on ‘processing’ so it’s greyed out, cannot be edited or cancelled and it’s been like this for hours. It wasn’t like that first thing today, I was able to amend it earlier but for the last 2 hours or so I haven’t, anyone know how to resolve this?

I’ve got other pending orders in the list that are fine but this particular one I need to get sorted before the close of session so any help would be appreciated, thanks guys.

Placed another oder for it now both have been filled, terrific. Hope live chat support returns quickly

Yes I miss these guys. Phone support was excellent !!

Oh are they good? I signed up after they already closed up and went home to work so all I’ve only had this and email as options. The slowness although well explained is difficult to cope with when your money is at stake and the platform isn’t running as smoothly as you need it too, guess this should be factored into the trades going forward for the time being

@Rocky they were good on the phone. I hope it improves speed wise. I have taken the risk my depositing funds.

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@Rocky I see you no longer have any “processing” orders. This might happen when markets are closed but it should get resolved the moment they open.

No they all got executed just prior to my post, I think it was stuck because the markets opened at 8am and I was posting here in the afternoon before session close bemoaning the fact I couldn’t edit the order and more importantly didn’t know if it was going to actually process it at all as it had been hours (from around 11:30-15:15) that it was saying ‘processing’. So I ended up duplicating the order for fear of missing out completely (with just over an hour left of trading) but then the stuck order got processed after my duplicate one did.

It was a EOD LO so if the price didn’t get there I would have been OK anyway but it did though I’ve decided to keep everything now anyway, I was going to eventually acquire the extra shares anyway so sod it, might turn out well for me who knows! :crossed_fingers: