Graph and price freeze

Hi guys,

Can one of you help me out here? The graph of an ETF I follow hasn’t been updating lately.

Has this got something to to with the last trade price that was introduced? I read that there were some issues, but that these were fixed. However for this ETF is seems the graph (and price) is still stuck and not updating properly.

It concerns:
VanEck Sustainable World Equal Weight UCITS ETF - NL0010408704

Thanks in advance for your help on this.

You’re probably better using the exchange at the moment, the data in the app seems to be bit buggy of late with them changing to last traded price rather than bid/ask.

Okay, thanks.

I was wondering about this specific ETF, because I remember reading a post last week from A Trading212 member that the problem with the last trade price issues had been resolved. Actually, there was another ETF where i can see it is fixed.

But now you’re telling me it hasn’t been fixed for all ETF’s?

Update: today the problem seems to be fixed for this ETF and the graph is now updating every 15 minutes.

However today for 2 other ETFs I follow it has now stopped updating (no price at all today so far) and for these it was working correctly before.

Something to sort out for @trading212 it seems…. I’m sure it will be all fixed soon as it will be a high priority to give the customers reliable a up to date price information.