Greatland Gold plc (GGP)


Sorry Im just being unclear. Im trying to understand what constitutes the difference between the buy price (9.20) and the sell price (8.90). Is it a fee?
I understand it’s a very investing 101 question

(Im my first question I overlooked the sell price)

Well that’s the bid-ask spread

Yes it is, that’s how the broker makes their money (one way anyway)

I guess I never paid any attention to this because I haven’t looked at penny stocks before.
This is the first time that the buy price is above my average share price and Im in the red - hence why I forgot about sell price altogether
Does Trading212 determine the spread? And is it different for every stock or an overall set fee.

Of course yeah because it’s typically much wider on those dead stocks so you’ll certanly notice the spread now if you’re looking at them. Yes T212 fix the spread, the spread is not usually fixd but sometimes is, you can see the individual asset spread details if using the desktop version of the platform by clicking the ‘i’ button on the top right hand side of the chart page and then scrolling down to ‘Additional Info’ there’ll you see a section titled ‘Spread Type’ and it will have Floating next to it meaning the spread can vary or Fixed (though I haven’t found a fixed one as of yet).

A different broker may have an even wider spread for the same stock, that’s 1 reason I would recommend the use of more than 1 broker.

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Investing account is not how t212 makes money. It is normal for stocks to have different bid/ask price, one major factor is liquidity of the stock. So for instance stock like aapl will have lot smaller difference between bid/ask price compared to ggp :slight_smile:

T212 makes money on CFD spread.


My bad, I didn’t realise this was an Invest account stock, I don’t bother with penny stocks. Yes I was wrongly explaining about CFD’s. Actually I understand it doesn’t make any money off us on the Invest account, the idea being that we would hopefully take other services where it does make some money.

I don’t understand the allure of trying to trade in an Invest account, I NEED leverage :grin:

I’m using an ISA, so the allure is no CGT

And thanks for the explanation!

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Reason why price my differ from broker to broker or some financial app like google invest/yahoo finance is just that they use different 3rd party data provider.

Some broker pay bigger sums for professional data providers.

Afaik t212 is nearing switch to professional data provider, so data should be more accurate.

But bottom line, no matter the data T212 will always BUY/SELL at best available price.
So to summarise display data could off, but you still get best available price and no t212 isn’t making money on you selling/buying in invest account.

Whenever you do a deal you have a bid and ask. The bid is the top price a buyer is willing to pay and the ask is the top price the seller hopes to get, and between these two a price is gets agreed.

The broker makes a living off the difference (the spread).

When you are selling the return is based on roughly what you hope to get for it in this case around 8.8p

Its kind of like part-exchanging a car and the dealer goes we’ll give you £800 for that banger, and you want at least a grand so we’ll call it £900 :handshake:
Next person comes along this car is £1200 to buy, and the buyer says well I’ll give you £1100 for it, no says the dealer but what about £1150? Ok, sold! :handshake: So the dealer made a swift £250 from simply moving the car from one person to another.

T212 isn’t adding their fees via it to make money, they make them through CFD instead.

In summary always look at the sell price when selling and the make sure the return is green. With volatile stocks and dealing with small amounts and small percentage either way and it can be huge amounts difference.

These might be better to explain it.

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Hello there. Is there any progress on this. I want to buy before tomorrow morning. I put a limit order on 40 mins ago and it’s still processing. Should I cancel it and put a market order on? I know that means the price may rise but would it be quicker?

I know the next ‘auction’ is at 4.35 so does this mean my limit order will definitely go through or not? I’m a bit confused sorry.


I haven’t bought today but a market buy should go through within minutes.

It’s not at auctions. They are trying to make it as instant as possible atm.

I am not an expert nor part of the team so I do not know. What I can say is that I put in a limit order before the 8am “auction” and another one before the 2pm one and they both went through at the correct time. They were not massive amounts of shares/money though.

Having said that, I think you probably have to be pretty lenient with the limit price as the spread is quite large (read the previous posts above) and as such my “tight” limit order from yesterday (only about 0.25p above the indicated share price) did not go through and I had to amend it this morning prior to the “auction”.

Grabbed some yesterday, but about 1p more than I could have when my limit was triggered, yet it stayed as “pending” for ages. I later just opened a new trade and cancelled the other. Wasn’t instant, but it went through eventually.

Willing to let the 1p off if tomorrow is good! :sunglasses::rofl:

Mine is not a large amount. I manage to buy £50 worth yesterday and I’m trying to buy another £50 now (or 45 mins ago). The current buy price is 9.21. My limit was 8.91 and it triggered when It went down to 8.85. It said ‘processing’ but now it doesn’t even say that! Should I just cancel and put a market order on before 4.30?

It does not appear to be instant, at least not for limit orders. All of mine have appeared as “pending” until the “auction” time when they have gone through. (Except the one that did not go through and which I had to replace)

Ah well. I’ve just cancelled the order and put on a Market order. Fingers crossed it goes through and the price doesn’t shoot up first. :slightly_frowning_face:

I’ve stuck to market buys, I’ve many a post at the frustration of trying to buy. It was originally going through at auction times, then T212 made them instantish, then rolled it back, and then made instantish again. Monday had an issue where they were going through and confirmed but weren’t executing. From speaking with @David that requires a labour intensive contacting the exchanges to find out why. Yesterday was fine again and I made a four market buys throughout the day taking between 30seconds and five minutes to execute.

Here’s another thread with me pulling my hair out trying to buy.

and another thread

The closing price of today (29/04/20) is 9.00 pence according to the T212 App.

Please vote on the expected GGP closing price of tomorrow 30/04/2020:

  • 0-2p
  • 2-6p
  • 6-9p
  • 9-11p
  • 11-13p
  • 13-15p
  • 15-20p
  • More than 20p

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Just to note this is the first poll I make. I have tried to set the closing time of the poll to 7:59AM tomorrow, hopefully it Works.
Please vote prior to seeing the results of the report. I believe it is to be released tomorrow but it may be released early in the morning in Australia, which is tonight in Europe.

Good luck to all! :slight_smile: