Greatland Gold plc (GGP)

Sounds frustrating mate.

I really don’t know what to do now though. I cancelled the Limit Order and placed the Market Order at 16:27. It is showing in Pending but the price is blank (well, just a hyphen). It is also past the 16:35 auction time so should I expect something to happen?



@phildawson I saw your post :slight_smile:
I also saw your posts on the GGC thread on FT, whilst I was doing some research on the stock haha.
Hopefully it works out!
We will have to wait and see. I bought quite late as it took me some time to do some basic research, so my average price is 9pence and I have not bought alot, just a small amount to keep me interested.

Edit: I saw you voted for 3 options, I was expecting people to only vote for 1 really to see how close we are to the actual result :slight_smile:.

Let us know if you manage to get through in the end. Probably best to invest half in market buy and half in limit order and hope that at least half goes through.

Considering that it is now 16:40, probably best not to amend any orders.

I won’t amend anything now but is my order still “in the system” even though it is now 16:44?

lol yes it’s been very painful seeing it at ~6p and not being able to buy. :grimacing:

Got just shy of 50,000 shares at ~7.67 in the end. Not exactly what I wanted to pay for them, but profit anyway.

@Wonker your buy didn’t go through. You can cancel if you wish and your reserved money will go back into available funds. Who knows what the starting price will be.

Is that 100% mate? My order definitely hasn’t gone through so I should just cancel?

A bit disappointed to be honest.

Thanks anyway.

If you leave it pending and don’t cancel it’ll attempt at 8am tomorrow, like if you do an out-of-hours buy.

I had the same position where I was trying to buy this Monday and couldn’t get a single buy to go through, from speaking with @David buys that day were going through as confirmed but for whatever reason it wasn’t executing it. I then cancel after it failed and place an out of hours in the evening and it went through just after 8am.

I see, so I run the risk of buying at massively inflated price if the market price goes through the roof at 8am tomorrow?

Think I should cancel as I don’t have the funds if that happens.

Thank you.

Well it’s all supply and demand. If the news turns out tonight confirms they are sitting on millions of Oz of high grade gold then people will be buying to get a slice of it so the buy price could start quite high and go up as people rush to get onboard. If you have fewer funds available than it would cost to buy at the price it will automatically cancel the buy. So if you were buying a 1000 @ 9p and can £100 of funds, it would reject if it went higher than 10p. But if you had £150 of funds it would go through even though it’s 6p higher than you wanted.

I think it could roller coaster up to 15p, then down a couple p as some cash in, then up again. :man_shrugging:

Thanks for all your help mate. I may as well keep the order there then. I’ve only got enough for £50 worth in my account so there’s no risk.

Thanks again.


@Wonker, if the report is released in Australian time it will probably be out at some point tonight so you may be able to read it before 8am, giving you time to cancel your order if necessary (if it turns out bad) or leaving it to try your luck (if the results are good).

One thing that’s confusing to me though is that if there are set times when trades are made how come there seems to be trades all through the day:


I really am a novice. :blush:

On another broker I used, market buys for this stock go through at any time you place them during market open hours. So the auction thing here seems to be an idiosyncratic T212 route.

Thanks mate, it’s all very frustrating to be honest.

Edit: false alarm

Here’s a combo piece.

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What does it say?
Its for suscribers only :sweat_smile:

They’re raising a billion dollars (AUD) essentially.

Iirc they had 1.4bn AUD on their balance sheet last report. So 2.4bn total.

Wonder how much of that is for GGP :money_mouth_face:

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Looks like they’ve bought a mine in Ecuador from Lundin.

As you were!

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Okay. I imagine that they will want to keep some money as cash though…

So is the 1 billion AUD for the mine in Ecuador or for GGP?

If it is for GGP then it looks promising…