Greatland Gold plc (GGP)

once again today the orders are taking ages to process

I’ve bought a few today.
Didn’t seem that bad.
All executed in the auction uncrossing as expected

Did you set price limits?

If yes then check time and sales data for the uncrossing auction prices throughout the day

I did a test at 8:13am this morning. 45mins waiting before it was filled.

@David has something rolled back in the code? It was quick yesterday but as you can see today 45mins after pressing buy which means the price can be completely different by then. I’m a bit worried when the time comes to selling at the price I want.

@phildawson Still optimizing the process. :slight_smile:

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Is this a swing trade play or you guys are investing?

Me personally I’ll see where it will go, its an easy x2 (or x3 or x4 :crossed_fingers: ) for just getting on board for 10 days.

I don’t really have enough time or money to make it worth the gamble in constant buy/sells.

Depending on how many mill oz and if its low/high grade they report then it could be 12p-35p instantly at the end of the month.

Might sell some and keep it ticking depending on news, it’s got potential to hit a pound sell in a short space of time so I would quite like £45,000 from the 45,000 shares from just a few thousand spent. Glad this is in a S&S ISA!

We need T212 to improve the buy/sell times now so its not such a :grimacing: waiting either way. If I click sell I want it sold now and not potentially in an hour.


@phildawson Working on it!


Its much appreciated! :heart:

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Exciting times ahead! :smiley:

This is absaloutely awesome, I have been trying to research GGP for the last couple of days and can’t actually find much on it, do you guys think the current price of 8.6p is still worth it?

To me, it seems like it could have massive potential. Thanks all.

I’ve just watched this video posted on Freetrade (Theinvestmentjourney) Probably the best at explaining just how significant this is. His conservative value was 15p at 1.7g/t and just 5 million oz. Obviously higher grade and bigger reserve and you’re laughing :money_mouth_face:


Where will we see the news when they find out?

I assume the RNS will be posted up early in the morning with an overview. Poss 7am :man_shrugging:

This was the last one mentioning it.

Newcrest will provide updated Havieron drilling results in its Quarterly Exploration Report to be released on 30 April 2020.

I assume the report itself will pop up here

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I’ve come to the conclusion, that small orders will go through before big orders. Dont know why that is.

Regarding your links, thanks for that, exciting stuff!
What are you guys’ strategy if Thursday comes with good news: quick dump after the news rally or hold long for the actual project to develop?

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Possibly take out my original investment and then leave it ticking, or just leave it all in.

I have a feeling they will be bought out before they get to do the project themselves. Should be trivial for someone with deeper pockets to make an offer and swoop in to profit long term.

Just trying to buy again today and it’s not going through.

1:21pm I wanted to buy a few more, price has just triggered an alert on mine at 7.10.

So waiting 1hr and 3mins so far… Would be a good time for it to go through now!

@David just seeing if there’s updates on this? Theres a big reveal on Thursday this week, would be ace if T212 can crack instant trades on this one.

Anyone know what the fee spread on GGP is? Because the current share price is 9.21p and my average share price is 8.9p but my return is still negative

@phildawson do you know if there’s something Im missing here, or is this a glitch?

What is the sell price? Below 8.9p?

Showing 8.8p for me atm.

Yes. The share price is 9.20 and the sell
price 8.80. So the difference is due to a fee?

So your average price per share is 8.9 , but the sell is 8.8. So yes, you should be down @CaptainDangernoodle