HCMC order went through before market open?

I put in a market order to buy HCMC but the order went through at 1pm GMT- 30 mins before market opening- why and how is this?


Same here! And they charged me in GBP instead of dollars, now I have an extra sell order that was placed ony behalf for absolutely no reason, I put in extra funds but they chewed through that as well!

The exact same has happened to me iv put more money into the account and it won’t let me cancel the sell

@David any way you can cancel the cancel?

Mine won’t go through… Free market eh?

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There have been numerous notifications recently explaining that market hours for OTC Stocks have been extended. HCMC is an OTC Stock and so has extended market hours compared to the stocks that trade on NYSE/NASDAQ.

If you have a GBP account then all purchases will be in GBP, this is how the app has always worked. You do not pay any fees for currency conversion.

Yes i appreciate the OTC markets open at 1.30 pm GMT as opposed to 2.30pm GMT for the exchanges but this doesnt explain why my order went through at 1pm GMT?

They do not open at 1.30PM GMT

See this article that was also an in-app notification