HCMC - No connection with server error

HCMC also does not show the correct price. HCMC IS 0.0005 now and not 0.0001 . Hello can anyone help with this!?

Hi all, HCMC stock has gone from 0.0001 to 0.0006 but has not updated at all on T212, I will want to sell this fairly soon but it’s still showing 0.0001 so please sort this out as a matter of urgency.

Many thanks

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HCMC does not show the correct price. HCMC IS 0.0005 now and not 0.0001 . Hello can anyone help with this!? Also no graph. Please help.

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Any ideas why the stock isn’t updating? @Team212


please check it @David how come i be in red lol

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Search this forum for HCMC there are 3-4 threads a week.

Price feed is indicative, they don’t get good quotes for this instrument, this doesn’t affect the price you get when you buy/sell.

Hello Tony, still no change the price is at

when are they finally gonna update the price movement ? i can buy shares but ot sell for high bc they dont update it. this sucks bigtime. Their lawsuit is coming up on the 27th of January… it has to be updated by then. This is a big failure and letdown by the trading212 team @Rumen @David

i mean lets say the pps goes to 0.0005 next week and i would sell even tho the price isnt updated in Trading212, will they sell my shares at 0.0005 or 0.0001 what it shows in the app.

UPDATE this please & por favor


The price shown in the app has absolutely no connection with the price you would get filled at btw.

The feed comes from Bloomberg data, it’s just indicative of the best ask and best bid.

The trading goes to the exchange via Interactive Brokers.

So to answer your question if the BID was actually 0.0005 that’s what you may get with a market order. It doesn’t matter what is shown in the app, that’s just for reference.

I’m seeing this atm

I assume the ASK was actually 0.0002

What is going on?
Why is not price updates on the app?
And is even show me I am down?

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We have received so few quotes from Bloomberg since the instrument has been introduced to the platform that а chart cannot be formed.

The order routing does not suffer in any way, though. This has been discussed on several occasions. I can see @phildawson has presented some great explanations here.

Its really hard for us to go check the prices on other platforms and then place a sell order, not knowing what price we will eventually get. I think its key to get this fixed. Is the issue in the bloomberg feed or the inability of Trading212 to decipher that data? Has an incident been raised with bloomberg to try and resolve this?

I can now see the gains updated according to the current price, although graph is not there, but at least i can see the p&l.

I managed to sell them. Would have held but to much unknown to this stock. To when you can sell or not .

Trading212 platform is not reflecting the correct pricing for HCMC. The price on other apps such as TD Ameritrade in USA, Robinhood in USA, Wealth Simple in Canada, other banks in Canada, being used to purchase this stock, reflect the price changes. The current price (at the time of writing this note) for HCMC was 0.0008, which is 8 times more than what is reflected in Trading212. I am very concerned, that my investment will somehow be taken away because of some fault or inefficiency in the trading platform. It has nothing to do with how long the order takes to process because its traded on OTC markets. I think many users are affected by this.

Can someone please fix this urgently? Thanks Qanitah.

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topic has been answered, no need to see the same questions repeat themselves.

Hi, dear @Team212, @admins,

Can we get an update on HCMC’s chart data, please? The last update was 17.06. Thank you :pray:

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