HCMC - No connection with server error

Is there any reason for a server connection error when setting a limit sell with this particular stock? Only seems to be with this stock. And it seems there’s no live price for it.

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The same happened with me today. Is there something happening with the intermediary broker or something at the moment?

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I’m still having this issue when creating a limit sell. Anyone having any luck with it?

Checking as we speak.

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The same has happened with me today, I don’t know if it’s the servers, 212 or what.
Any updates?


Why is there no data for this instrument on the Trading 212 app or website?

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We have not received any quоtes for this instrument. Orders are going through, however, if you wish to check the chronological development of the price, you can use external sources for the time being.

Does this mean that if the price where to increase, we would sell at whatever the price is, not at the price shown on Trading212? If that makes sense?

The price feed of the equities we offer comes from Bloomberg and is pretty accurate, especially if the instrument is offered on a regulated trading venue. However, it shall be regarded as an indication of the price since the execution happens via a smart routing system that leads the order to a trading venue that offers liquidity for the respective instrument.

In the case of HCMC, our price feed does not even serve to indicate the price because we have not received any quotations. The execution itself will not suffer in any way, though. If you create a market order, it will get executed at the best available price currently.

I’ve been trying to sell some of my HCMC shares today, but I’ve had no luck so far. Just wondering if the delay in market order being executed is due to any reason?

Hi, could you try to sell them at 100k I am trying to buy. Maybe if we match the price we can sell/buy

HCMC also does not show the correct price. HCMC IS 0.0005 now and not 0.0001 . Hello can anyone help with this!?

Hi all, HCMC stock has gone from 0.0001 to 0.0006 but has not updated at all on T212, I will want to sell this fairly soon but it’s still showing 0.0001 so please sort this out as a matter of urgency.

Many thanks

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HCMC does not show the correct price. HCMC IS 0.0005 now and not 0.0001 . Hello can anyone help with this!? Also no graph. Please help.

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Any ideas why the stock isn’t updating? @Team212


please check it @David how come i be in red lol

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Search this forum for HCMC there are 3-4 threads a week.

Price feed is indicative, they don’t get good quotes for this instrument, this doesn’t affect the price you get when you buy/sell.

Hello Tony, still no change the price is at

when are they finally gonna update the price movement ? i can buy shares but ot sell for high bc they dont update it. this sucks bigtime. Their lawsuit is coming up on the 27th of January… it has to be updated by then. This is a big failure and letdown by the trading212 team @Rumen @David

i mean lets say the pps goes to 0.0005 next week and i would sell even tho the price isnt updated in Trading212, will they sell my shares at 0.0005 or 0.0001 what it shows in the app.

UPDATE this please & por favor


The price shown in the app has absolutely no connection with the price you would get filled at btw.

The feed comes from Bloomberg data, it’s just indicative of the best ask and best bid.

The trading goes to the exchange via Interactive Brokers.

So to answer your question if the BID was actually 0.0005 that’s what you may get with a market order. It doesn’t matter what is shown in the app, that’s just for reference.

I’m seeing this atm

I assume the ASK was actually 0.0002