Help with pie please

I have just set up my pie and autoinvest and tried to set £100 per month up. Not sure how it happened but it automatically took £1000 and started buying shares with it. I cancelled before the American market open but there is still £350 in cash that is sitting there and I can’t seem to get it back. Can someone help asap please

You may have accidentally left the initial deposit at £1000 when setting up the pie. For the £350 I’m not sure why it can’t be cancelled, I’m sure @Team212 can help.

Is PIE live on mobile yet?

I can’t see that anywhere. Have managed to sort the £350 out thankfully so should get that in 3 days. Bit worried of using the autoinvest now though to be honest

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See if you go to 1:50 in this video you’ll see the initial deposit slider. Then at 2:35 you can see the initial deposit in the fund pie screen. It seems you left it at the default £1,000 unfortunately. I’m glad you got it cancelled though!

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But I can confirm that if you set the monthly deposit to £100, no other £1,000 deposits will come out in the future, so I wouldn’t worry!

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When configuring your pie there are two sliders. One controls the recurring amount, the other controls the initial deposit. You may have missed to change the initial deposit.

Thanks for the video. I see you have to scroll down to see the initial deposit. I didn’t catch this at the time. I cancelled £350 of it but £650 of it went through.

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Thanks for the reply. The 2nd slider was not visible without scrolling down. I missed this but it was not obvious on my mobile. I would say this should be more obvious imo or at least the slider set to zero initially