How come U.K. stocks all red?

If you are new don’t be buying individual stocks. Buy an index fund like the S&P. If you are worried about a loss of less than £6 you will not last long. You need to build a risk tolerance, don’t be afraid of fluctuations. Stonks only go up.


This is a great chance to buy more. The stocks are on a flash sale! See it as great news.

Yep I had a great shopping spree this morning

Think of it as a SALE for stocks! It happens every now and again and it is the best time to buy those stocks you have in your watch list that you couldn’t afford before :wink:. For example, legal and general looks good right now :+1:t5:


Haha I know right? I was eyeing up p2,700 sort of range… oh well :smiley:

ESPO and FCSS ETFs on a nice sale. Arguably more risky ones but BP and HSBC too.

You should be prepared for stocks to fairly regularly correct by 10% or so, and they can crash 30-50%. I personally only invest in companies or indices that I’m prepared to hold for the next 10-30 years, as they can be red for a decade. Look at Microsoft after the dot com bubble, I think it was red for 16 years, excluding dividends.

Of course the stock price is only one aspect, I think it’s more important to focus on the underlying business.

Just because it’s penny’s to you it could be a lot for someone less fortunate than yourself. Never look down on someone!! And don’t belittle them on a public forum offering a donation to make yourself feel like a bigger person. Here’s hoping you don’t have a red day


Sometimes harsh words have better impact then sweet talk.

This is real money involved and if people don’t get mentally equipped, serious damage can be done…

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Harsh words or not the guys new and getting belittled and spoke to like he’s a nobody for worrying about his investment. A sore jaw wouldn’t go a miss where I’m from


Thanks for your support mate.

I will just wait and see how things turn out. I can actually see it’s going back up now so fingers crossed.

It’s the right thing mate.

People want to get off their high horses at times because they never know what tomorrow’s going to bring

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And please avoid keeping an eye on your account it will give you indigestion and possibly a heart attack :relaxed: When you buy, forget about it for a while and only do regular checks at reasonable intervals like quarterly or bi annually.

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I think thats actually the mistake I’m making :joy:

I’ll try not to keep checking the app!

Just look at FTSE general trend, just hold. The stock market cant be allowed to stay too low long term it’s influence on the economy and pensions is too intertwined.

Spend 7 months heavily in the red before turning a profit will make this all look like a fun ride. :joy:

Have you been through that?

@Richard.W The person has the word “TRADER” in his username, he clearly knows better then others what he’s doing.

One of my long positions took a 70% dip :joy: averaged down over 7 months and made a 18% profit in the end. Had I held it the 2weeks I planned on after that point and not needed to transfer funds it would have been about 40% profit.

Your first major dip helps you worry less about the small ones :+1:

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And you have lonely in yours. You must be a lonely person and has no life.

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Well played :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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