How to change withdrawal method?

Hi, I have used 2 cards to deposit money on my account. In past when I was going to withdraw money it gave an option on using that 2 cards. Now it shows only one card.
How can I change from one to another?

it goes by your last deposit I am pretty sure. You can contact @Team212 and they could manually assist you in this

I did, but email support gives me a generic answer.

send @Team212 a pm here and give them your support ticket number. A) This will get you the answers you need and, B) It will close the support ticket/s (if more than one sent) that have been opened

@Cashurkash There’s no need to tag us here. Instead, the fastest way to have this sorted out is by replying back to the same ticket instead of tagging our team here. Such account-related information is better to be handled via email correspondence. Hence, that way we’ll avoid not only the double-job but also we’ll streamline the communication.

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Never mind it changed back to giving me 2 options now.

@Tony.V the reason for tagging was that he mentioned about a generic message. I worked on your end of the system for different companies so I know only to well how the ticketing system works and how easily it gets clogged up when multiple tickets are opened

Yet, however all this tagging is not really helping us, especially when a client is already in contact with our team.

If not reply was issued in a reasonable time frame, then sure - feel free to tag us. If you want to share some feedback about your experience - go for it and tag us. However, it’s pointless to submit a ticket, and in the meantime to tag us also here. And yet, the official channel to resolve any sort of account-related topics is via email/chat.

Think about it his way:
our community is a place to share more general matters and topics, while the chat/email correspondence is for account-related inquiries.


Yeah I agree with what your saying but if someone is posting here for answers dont you think its best to tag someone that can help answer the question here rather than the one sent via emails?

Example, 33 people have viewed this thread, wether thats individual unique hits or reoccurring hits we will stick to the 33 number only. If this post was irrelevant to people they wouldn’t view it. If its of relevance and people can see answers to something they previously did not know about then in this case, tagging the relevant person/s would/could limit future tickets being sent into an already clogged system.

Maybe a short video from staff at backend explaining ticketing process and how it works would give the rest of the community a bit of insight to how relentless the job is. Also adding a limiter to the amount of tickets opened would help you guys out in the backend whilst solving matters quicker for people this end.

Just my thoughts and opinions of course and a thank you to all in the background working around the clock answering solving the communities headaches and forever demanding answers lol

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In this case - it won’t work since the matter is not a general one. Instead, the question above is account-related. So we need to perform an internal audit of the account and provide the client with a response.

If you need a general answer, you can always look up at our Help Center and here is the article about the withdrawal options.

Thanks for the suggestions, though!

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