ID verification document requirement

I have submitted my UK passport, ID a HSBC bank statement for twice. after days of ID verification process, I’m now asked the third time by your company for the same things, what do you want from you customers?
There was no clear instructions while we submitted the information, no explanation when you asked for resubmission.
I really don’t know what’s going on


I’m sorry to hear that you feel this way, but the requirement is straightforward: we can’t accept a screenshot of your bank statement. Instead, it has to be a PDF. Here is what we sent you over your email:


Nonetheless, we’re currently in a process of easing further the verification process.

Dear Tony,
It is highly appropriated that you and your team handle numerous of cases during this critical period, I understand that due to limited resources and manpower, the regular procedure may not go as smooth as normal.

I submitted an ORIGINAL PDF version of a HSBC bank statement WITHOUT editing anything. I have also submitted a UK passport and ID twice already.
And I am now asked by your team the third time to submit the same things, I really don’t what can I submit anymore.

I have also send emails to the id verification team for the progress of my application, but I have got no reply at all.

Hold your fire, I have nothing against you.
Under this critical, things change everyday, I do genuinely appreciate people who are stay at work.

Besides, Trading 212 asks for ID card, passport etc, my residence card shows my personal information and it is issued by the UK government. I don’t know I cannot be a proof of ID.
I do agree that the first time I send a screen capture of my bank statement, however, when I was asked to submit my ID document the second time, I did submit a passport copy and a correction form of bank statement.
I follow the instructions but I am asked again to submit the same information.

Other than asking for the progress, I did mention in my email that if there is any question about my ID & passport please feel free to ask. That’s all.

Right now you close this post and not allowing me to explain myself. It’s not an effective way to communicate.

I cannot agree with you.

  1. It is not about the workforce, instead what sort of documents were uploaded for review;

  2. On the upload ID button, it is stated that we accept an ID card or Passport (depending on the region*). Instead, you have uploaded a Residence card. It is not something that we can take at this stage, and you have received an email with more details what is required;

  1. Then after, you have uploaded a passport, but you haven’t uploaded the original PDF of the requested bank statement. We still have only the screenshot, which as explained - cannot be accepted;

  2. In all emails sent by you, I only see that you’re asking about the verification status. Instead, my suggestion would be to reply back to the emails sent already via, where we have explained what documents we’ll require.

I don’t underestimate the importance of the fast assistance, but I’ll not tolerate making us the “bad guys”, while we’re just following standard procedures and you were informed timely about all accepted documents.