ID Verification time over 72 hours


I’ve submitted all required documents more than 3 days ago and i am still waiting for my account to be verified.

If I need to submit additional/alternate documents I’m happy to do so, but first I need to know what is my status.

I asked to be updated by email but I didn’t get any answer so far, Is there anyone who can help me with this process?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi , I also have a similar question having registered a few days back what is the current turnaround time on ID verification ?


Het guys,

Please excuse the delay. :pray: Your accounts will be reviewed soon.

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glad to see that not only are there a lot of new people joining us, more are joining the community as well :+1:

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Thanks so much for your prompt reply Tony
Looking forward to start trading soon :slight_smile:

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I would say due to application chat being disabled, some folks dislike email sending, or have sent email but no reply. :slight_smile: So they google and find community :wink:

Dear Tony, I finally got an email from T212 ID.

This is the second time I am asked to provide a proof of address.

I have already provided my full bank statement with a clear mention of my address (in PDF format).

Could you please advise clearly what is the issue the soonest.

I hope I will not have to wait again more than 72 hours to get assistance.

Best regards


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Same happened to me several times!

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Hi Vusal
So you still not verified up to now?
For how long have you been waiting please?

Hi, Sid
I’ve been waiting for over 72 hours. I’s trying since March 19 over 7 times.

This post is meant to help the majority of the community who are facing an appropriate and unclear Responses from T212 ID team.

I am happy to read that the average account verification should take 72 hours and that the review period will be reset for any updates made on proof of address document ensuring fairness.

However, the issue is that the answers that we get from the ID team are not personalized and just ask to give a proof of address again and again without giving the reasons for rejections.

We understand that there is an overload due to the huge demand which prove the popularity of T212, having said that the ID verification process should be reviewed to avoid having people waiting up to 7 times 72 hours to validate their proof of address.

Looking forward for your clarification and actions solving this recurrent issue.

Best regards

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I should cancel my deposit and look for another platform.

@Sid We appreciate how important it is, along with the regular email feedback, for a client to receive a more detailed explanation by a member of our team. Hence the reason why we have a live chat. As you mentioned, however, right now that option is not available (as per the details provided here), and we rely on the fact that clients will follow the instructions and provide the requested documents accurately. Nonetheless, I can see that your account is already active, so welcome aboard!

@VusalHuseyn I noticed that our team sent you a detailed email about what we can accept. Please refer to it.

Once again, guys - please excuse the delay and the inconvenience. :pray:

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You asked Bank Statement in PDF format, I povided. Now, you rejected PDF format and asked JPG format.

@VusalHuseyn Yes, because we have received a screenshot converted into a PDF. Instead, we need the original PDF, downloaded via your online banking.

Moreover - the statement should not be modified any way by you. If anything has been edited or added, it needs to be certified by the bank, with a stamp over the edited part.

Okay, I’ll provide JPG format. Then, we’ll see.

It’s been 6 days since I sent my documents trough email. Please let me know if you’ve got them.

I’m really excited to start using your platform.

Thanks so much Tony :slight_smile:

I uploaded a bank statement which is downloaded via online banking, you rejected again and again 3 days ago. Then, I uploaded a photo of an original bank statement, I’m waiting for your response over 63 hours.