I'm really getting tired of this



Me too. It’s probably some sort of security measure but it’s really annoying.


They mentioned endless times it will be remove.

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They might have too many things on their plate right now. Exponential growth is not an easy thing to manage and T212 is really getting traction right now. I guess we’ll have to wait :smiley:


Can your try creating a pie solely for that stock and dump every single penny you wish to invest? I’m pretty sure they disable that on pies so we could invest 100% of the fund every time. Just a thought. Haven’t done it.

I don’t need to trick my investment app…
I’ll just move my money to a place that allows me to do basic actions.

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on a market order, they allow so gracefully to do it, but not on the ever-complicated limit order…
I’m really losing my patience

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This literally cost me money today, very annoying I can’t trust my broker.
I’m furious.

I believe it will happen still with a pie of a single stock, but I’m not certain.

Change order from number of shares to value and set it to your max $33 and buy and it will work. Number of shares to dollar is variable so you need a buffer, setting a max value is a constant.


This is super annoying and utterly arbitrary, and absolutely redundant for “limit orders”

I gave up on linking their promise that this will be removed… although it should be a fairly straight forward thing to do, with minimum no none development time…

may be @Joey_Fantana should mention it in one of his IPO posts :stuck_out_tongue: thats like the only way to get attention :slight_smile:

you know what i’m getting more tired of? having orders fulfilled friggin 10-15 mins after the order has been placed. for liquid equities like Tesla. most of the times losing out on amazing entry points.

rant over, have a good day! :slight_smile:


They always notice posts, they just don’t respond. But they note everything so just be patient.

LOL, I think a lot of us have been looking for this feature to be removed - but could just be a case of ‘saving us from ourselves’ :grinning:

But this is still a market order. I want to use limit order.

I tested it with market order and got fractional number of shares.

And got less than the number seen on the preview:


This is on demo account of course, I would not throw away 50k for a market order, this would be insane (it will execute on unknown price).

Also, I would like to avoid fractional shares, don’t want problem with the tax paperwork (where fractional shares are problematic to declare, there is a limit of two digits after the decimal point).

Unfortunately the market is always moving (even in that split second of you pressing but and the transaction getting actioned)
Something has got to give so its either going to be the number/fractions of shares or the price per share.
Plus currency conversion can be a factor if your not buying shares in your native one.

When using limit orders moving of the price (volatility) may be beneficial to the buyer (if the limit price is slightly lower than the current market price).