In-specie transfer 👨‍🔬

Hello, I can’t seem to send a DM, but would love to join testing for in-specie transfer when it’s resumed!

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We’ll keep that in mind, @Vollorak.

Try again. You should be able to do so now.

P.S. Welcome to our Community :blue_heart:

Any news? This is taking too long.

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The news is literally three posts up.

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It was not the news that I wanted.

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I can tell with that :sweat_smile:

Hi There,

I’m interested in transferring my ISA from a different platform but will only be willing to do so if I can transfer without liquidating. Can I open a new account and then request an inter-specie transfer once the beta becomes open again?
Is there any time frame as to when the beta will become available? If I can’t open a new trading 212 account and do an inter-specie transfer when will this be open to the public?
Lastly when you do the inter-specie transfer does the portfolio return calculate from the original purchase price or the price at which they’re transferred?

Hope to hear from the team soon!


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Welcome, @H17. :handshake:

You can create both an ISA and an Invest account.

Regarding the in-specie transfers, I cannot provide a timeframe of when they will be open to the public. However, I’ll let you know once the beta testing is back, and I’ll provide more details about the calculations.

I can easily understand why the isa inspecie transfer is paused, because IBKR haven’t implement it yet they moved their target from q2 to q3 to q4 now and probably they will move it again, moving shares in tax free accounts is complicated i guess. But what i don’t understand is why not offer inspecie transfers for invest accounts IBKR does offer that so it shouldn’t be a problem to move to/from 212 i simply don’t understand it


I´m waiting for the feature to transfer full shares in to and from t212 for about a year and I don’t understand the problem.
If I want to transfer CFD positions or fractional shares it will be obvious why it would be a problem but I’m struggling why it is a problem with complete shares …

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