Indicator Alert

Have an alert based on an indicator or indicators. e.g. 20 ema cross up 200 ema

Price alerts are ok, but sometimes I miss out on events because I can’t watch the charts all day and there can only be 9 charts open.

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You can open more than 9 :thinking:

Here’s a quick test with 15

But yeah something that can monitor say Golden/Death Crosses with the 50 over 200 would be ace.

yeah i talked about this a long time back but nothing yet. something similar to what IG have would do wonders for pseudo active investors like us

+1 for you buddy

I’m using the web app not mobile in CFD. Am I missing something? (Your screen options look different to mine)

Just tried switching between practise and live and the new options have appeared with more charts… The web app didn’t update automatically…