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Hello, I bought a few shares of GBR and set a stop loss for them today. However, I decided to sell before the price hit the stop loss which closed my position. Nonetheless, T212 process my stop loss at 22:03 by selling 10 shares I did not have. This results in my account having a negative balance which is impossible as I only trade stocks with no margin involved. Please help as I am losing money due to this glitch.

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Same has happened to me. They need to fix this ASAP.

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Glad to hear I am not alone in the situation! It is quite annoying how the orders are slow to process and cannot be removed which happens a lot!

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yep, i placed an order and then decided to cancel and it wouldnt cancel at all. It then placed at 21:03 when the market was closed and i had already withdrew my free funds back into my bank.

Although Ive had no emails confirming ive withdrew money so Im slightly worried

SAME! I cannot beleive stuff like this happens…

Thank you for your response howeverI wanted to delete the stop loss but it would not let me do so. What will happen now ?

You are protecte against negative balance. The system will buy the balance for you, but you will lose a little because of the spread.

Alright I hope its not too much. Anyways thank you for your help. Can I expect it to be resolved by Open tomorrow ?

Usually it is sorted as soon as the system can buy the shares, at or shortly after the market opens, but it will depend on the liquidity.

Glad to hear it because it was already stressing me out

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