Instant payment query

Hi guys
Iam new to trading212 and the stock market in general.
how do i do a instant buy please. is it because i tried to buy the stock on a sunday and i dont have the option or is it something else
many thanks
Richie B

Hello and welcome!

Orders are executed instantly when the stock market is opened indeed (monday-friday).

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excellent and thank you.
Iam new to this so your quick and helpful reply is appreciated.
I am newly debt free and its time to make my money work for me and not the banks and other lenders

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Worth saying each market has it’s own opening and closing times, also be aware of that countries bank holiday and daylight savings.


Good luck on your financial journey and congrats for passing the debt step! Very important to gather as much information as possible for your next steps.

Hopefully, if you have more questions, this vibrant community can be helpful as well :wink:


It was nice to see no judgement whatsoever with this simple question! It creates a healthy space for asking whatever question we have about investing in stocks. Good luck @LordBaal


escaping debt has always been a nightmare. congrats on achieving that, now just keep it at bay so it doesn’t encroach on your investments and you are all set :+1:


Thanks everyone it’s much appreciated