Interesting STNE option activity

You forgot, didn’t you? :wink:


Why is the shair price falling though?

I’m roughly down $70K on this stock this year, so thanks for the sentiment :trolleybus: :slight_smile:

normally I’d say, bad results? 50 odd percent of rev. growth and negative profit (loss) but they were both expected so god knows? :man_shrugging:

I guess their dependency on stable br economy and politics is hitting them? (not an assertion still trying to make sense) I am on holly so haven’t dug into things nor I’m following, but some random articles on SA says there might be a mid term recession in brazil? if there is surely it’ll effect a lot more than STNE including US economy?


Luckily I play with pocket money, but down 40% on STNE, buy the “dip” continuously… :partying_face:

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I heard due to earnings but honestly didn’t do too much research. It just has been going down for too long and I eventually cut my losses.

@kali 70k?!?! That’s pretty high rolling.

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He had 5% position in 2020. Under “Darlings” I guess by Kali’s standards he was(hopefully still is)pretty much “all in” on stne.

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oh man @Vedran that feels like a decade ago can’t believe it was just last year :slight_smile:

it looks so different now. TSM, NVDA and AMD basically ballooned disproportionately gotto trim some.
premium shares that got discounted during “pandemic panic” like DGE (already had a position but bough a lot more), bank of america (brand new position) airbus (brand new) are up at least like 50+% percent each.

i bought STNE as well but portfolio percentage wise it’s like one tenth of NVDA/AMD at the mo, one is going south the other one to the moon.

I also exited many china positions (except BILI), and some more tech positions and converting them to ETFs

it used to be my biggest holding at the beginning of 2021 (due to stock gains)

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how it looks like at the mo, so difficult to balance without selling, and I don’t like selling :slight_smile: basically need more money!


Couldn’t resist the “dip” to bring average down to 25$… :partying_face:

Let’s wait for more dipping. So far 80% from ATH 94$.

Cannot it go 90% down to 9$? :confounded:

90% down would be about $2, its currently hovering just under $20 :crazy_face:

Feels like a no brainer, this. But I have no awareness at all of this potential recession in Brazil.

Was referring 90% of ATH which was around 94$. :slight_smile:

@Joey_Fantana seems so.
I quadrupled down. :thinking:

Looked like capitulation , but this days who knows. Let’s wait and see. :confounded:

Seems like sure bet we retest those covid lows of 2020. So 10-20% downside here we come.

I bought quite a bit too. StoneCo I originally bought this when I first moved to 212 but sold for MELI.

This is too cheap. The Monzo of Brazil. Attracts the brightest and best talent in Sth America. They’ll make a success of any situation.

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Yeah I’ve been watching quietly, waiting for confirmation of the bear trend break, but it can’t seem to do it. Broke below the SMAs in July and hasn’t reclaimed any of them successfully for more than a week.

Traders might be licking their lips though - looking at a 50% upside between current oversold spot and the 20 day SMA before it bounces back down;

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@Vedran opportunity to buy it at IPO levels :smiley:

@Joey_Fantana I think recovery needs three things, if all these three happen it’ll take 1-2 earning cycles to put it back to 90+ levels.

  • the political situation in Brazil has to clear up and new elections. (They got a “trumpish” issue, saying “oh they are stealing the votes”)
  • The new and bogus legislation for borrowing lending has to be amended. This hits all non-bank creditors, probably sponsored by the current banks in Brazil. (This is thanks to corruption in Brazil politics, or if you are in USA it is called lobbying :slight_smile:)
  • The default rates, may or may not be a problem or in problematic levels. If there is a general poverty increase in Brazil, this will naturally be a problem. October inflation rate was in double digits.

in any case, I don’t think there is a quick recovery path here.


Thanks for the insight, @kali , and sorry to hear about the position. Can’t have been nice seeing it retrace all that way having been in since the beginning.

Where do we think it will bottom out?

At this point it is reasonable to consider 0$ :clown_face:

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Wowzer, havent followed this since i sold out previously but isnt the business stil fairly strong compared to this stock performance? Might have to read up on it again when I get time at these prices.

I have a feeling it’s bottomed out and so will buy some tomorrow :nerd_face:

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