💳 Introducing the 212 Card

The card will be available to our EU clients this spring.

Joint accounts are not planned as of now. Fund segregation into different pots is coming this year.

Yes, the card is linked and available with our supported currencies. Also, we can accept and process all currencies supported by Mastercard.

There won’t be any extra fees during weekends. We always use the true inter-bank rate. The 0.15% is the only FX charged.

We are licensed to offer financial products through our partnership with Paynetics UK.

We use Paynetics as BIN sponsor to support the card issuing, both for UK and EU. We plan to add individual accounts this year.

It will be available once we launch it in Europe.

You will be able to link your card to Google Play or Apple Pay wallets (soon available) for even easier use.

Yes, that will be possible.