💳 Introducing the 212 Card

At the moment, the waitlist is only for UK residents or EU residents can also join right now?

Interesting ecosystem move here. I’m in! Also, +1 for crowdfunding… sell me T212 stocks before you float, if ever.

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The waitlist is available for UK residents only for the time being.

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Really exciting development. Trading212 keep on surprising me with their innovations in this industry.

Looking forward to using this as my main card as I currently get 0.5% cashback with Aqua. This provides more benefits.

Any eta better than March? :eyes:


T212 keeps getting better! :rocket:
Looking forward for the EU release, so I can replace my N26 card!

None. It’s a card. It has nothing to do with tax

Chase gives 1% only for the first year. Two for some people who joined early and soon will be over. Probably no cashback at all.

Where have you seen this? I’ve had it since the beginning (2nd year now) and mine ends in july this year. Sure it will just extend and they havn’t said otherwise. I’ve just seen a handful of rumours on the internet.

Either way chase is the winner atm. If it stops then trading212 will makes sense!

That’s incorrect.

After the year you switch to a £500 deposit per month to keep the cashback.


Will it be possible to link this card to an ISA account and spend from there?

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No, its invest only. Why would anybody want to use there ISA account to do this. Its a waste of your 20K tax year limit.


This is why I said two for some people (first 12 months + 12 more months with limitation to £15 a month and £500 deposit each month). After your second year ends, there is no confirmed cashback. Not yet.

I don’t think it will be using your ISA account. It will certainly be a different account, separated from your investing ones.

Trading212 said it’s invest only. Not separate accounts. Which makes sense. They aren’t a bank. It’s more like a preloaded card that uses uninvested cash from your invest account.

Also i dont know why you mention chase not offering the 1% as they haven’t said they will and haven’t said they won’t. Its misinformation your post.

As it stands right now. Chase offer 1% on transactions and will continue to do. there is nothing else to consider.

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My second year has already ended and I’m still getting cashback. It ended 5 months ago.

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It literally says on their website it’s only for 12 months. And the second year has an ending date. After 12 more months.



That sounds a good news, even tho I didn’t find anything about it. Guess I’ll know from next month when mine expires… Hopefully I will keep getting cashback after the 2 years.

Think of it as a fixed subscription. A year expires and you sign up again.

Interesting development :smiley:
I wasn’t expecting this one!

I think it had been mentioned early on, maybe in 2020/2021, but not in recent times.

Will you be able to deposit funds from the T212 card to your T212 investing account without any fees and limitations on the amount?