💳 Introducing the 212 Card

I’ve already received the invitation today and ordered physical card along with virtual one.

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@KrisG When will you start in EU, in my special case in Germany?


I received my invite today and set up my virtual card. Bit disappointed that couldn’t add to Apple pay as going abroad tomorrow, so won’t be able to use. Had to order the physical card to get any real benefit for me.

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That was my disappointment as well. I thought I could add it to AppleWallet.


Please add AppleWallet feature into your roadmap. I believe It is very important for the users and it is a feature I expect from a new gen investment company such as you.


Does adding to Curve work?

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Never used curve to be honest

is there a virtual card? Could use curve if so.

If interested, PM me i can send you my code and you’ll get a 1% boost in cashback for 30 days :slight_smile:

so 2% over all!

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so the new Trading 212 debit card does NOT not support Apple/Google Pay at the moment? That’s a bummer :confused:

crazy the amount of people that feel so self entitled and upset about the card not being out yet for them. We all want it. Just wait, its a roll out like anything else, trading212 owe you nothing anyway. Its such a bonus we even get this eventually.

Some people.


We’re working to add Apple/Google Pay support as soon as possible.

Later this spring. We can’t commit to a concrete ETA, but we’ll do our best to make them available to EU clients at the earliest opportunity.


Thanks Kris :ok_hand:t2: I love the community part of Trading212. We can’t find these kind of approaches in traditional investing channels. I really appreciate it. We feel our voice is heard in every way.


If you initially opt for the virtual card, I assume you can choose to get a physical one at a later date?

I’ve managed to add my virtual card to curve but it says its a business card so I think this means extra fees?
I’ll probably contact curve as I don’t think its meant to be a business card

Got the card but when trying to pay online it needs a check id verification. I get the notification on my phone but when i click it just takes me to the apps dashbaord.

How to i accept verification? Is there a section in the app?

oh man, can you update us on this?

@frthree, there will be no extra fees for our customers.

To add a bit more and avoid further confusion - some of the curve cards are actually business cards, so they might be linked to the Curve card type. In other cases, Curve potentially does not recognize the BIN of the card properly.

Our cards are personal.

@crabbycrabcrab, can you check again?

Are the invites sent in app or is it a separate email? Just so I know where I should check.

You can keep an eye on your email inbox :ok_hand: