Investors living in The Netherlands

There is no transaction tax. The profit from ‘buy low sell high’ of a US stock is not taxed.

There is only a ‘vermogensrendementsheffing’, which means that you pay yearly a 1% -2% tax on your total capital. The precise % is dependent on how much capital you possess, and that is determined on the 1st of january each tax year.

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Here’s something useful that I’m pretty wasn’t there earlier: go to the HISTORY section of the t212 app/site, then tap the DIVIDENDS tab. Next, select the dividend of your choice. There will be a line that says WITHHOLDING TAX (%).

In the case of American shares, this will say “15”. That means that the money you were given only equals 85% and THAT is useful for your annual tax returns, because it lets you calculate how much tax you can claim back.

Do this for each of your dividends, add them up by country and whack em into your tax return.

Well, there are errors with “WITHHOLDING TAX (%)” in History section, some dividends lately appeared with 0%, although the withhold tax was made, T212 said it was a visual error only. I had it in 3 different companies traded in US, other people also had that “visual error” in other companies.

They are working on it.

That are 2 different features although with common data. The topic you quote is about the CSV History Export. The post I answered is about the History section.

Although I appreciate that T212 adds more information about the Dividends and the Tax Report, it’s a pain in the neck to fact check all the transactions and doing all the calculus to discover the Gross Dividend in our National Currency, because we don’t have Exchange Rate used and the Gross Dividend.

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Yeah, that’s a bit annoying. If you can’t count on it being correct, you end up having to double check everything anyway and then there’s no difference with not having the feature in the first place.

But it’s good that they’re working on it. It’ll get there in the end.