IPO Market buy option?


Would it be possible to add market buy orders for IPO stocks?
As it is right now, we have to wait eagerly for IPO price to be refreshed etc, i’d like to just setup a buy for an IPO stock and have it execute at the moment the stock goes live.

Can this feature be added? Not sure if others would like this also…


Yes please add this feature

BUMP - :rotating_light: @Team212 @Tony.V @David :loudspeaker: Any chance this option could be added? Y/N?


Oh definitely! Be a worthy addition to the platform!

Sorry to keep pestering you @David by all means let me know if i’m getting on your nerves lol.

Any chance this could be an option that could be added?


I totally agree but wouldn’t a limit order be more useful since the market order could be executed at an higher price ?

+1 for some sort of set-and-forget option for IPOs

@David @Team212 any update on this please?