IPOs (Initial Public Offering)

Do you do IPOs (Initial Public Offering), please ?

Perhaps I would like it on:

ISIN: FR001400F2Z1

It is a car driver’s licence school on the internet in France, really priceless than traditionnal school, above all because all the driving laws are learned online…

Stock exchange : Euronext Paris
Price : 3.83 EUR (firm price before 2023-02-08)
IPO from 2023-01-25 to 2023-02-07
So, end the 7 february.

I had no true answer from the Bot…

Thanks for the reply and your services.

Welcome to the Community, @Traduck. :partying_face:

The listing of Lepermislibre (ALLPL) is still pending. However, I will update the thread once there is any news.