Is NIO inc worth investing?

If it’s not a worldwide brand then how will they justify the valuation? Tesla is reaching out to the globe, I just don’t see a Chinese car manufacturer doing that.
The quality of Japanese cars was the best in the world but because of japan’s wartime views and methods it took decades before foreigners would by them.
The same will happen with nio under the CCP and the domestic only market does not justify the growth your all expecting.

Tesla delivered almost 500k cars and they’re worth almost 700 billion dollars and you call that justifiable ? Tesla is centered around Elon because of the cult like following he created among investors, no company is more over valued than tesla it is like the bitcoin of cars because people just love it with no real backing.

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Hundreds of companies are more over valued than tesla do your research properly.
The trouble is your viewing tesla as just 500k cars a year, your not looking at the other companies that make up the pie. Your also not considering the growth potential each of those companies has Including tesla.

Nio sell cars that’s about it, there may be some upside but in the end it will be valued as a car selling company nothing more and the value will align with its annual profits.

Tesla however is a global energy powerhouse and that is why most smart investors have jumped on it.

If Elon Musk had his other companies on the market they would jump on those aswell.
Hopefully we see the X company merger that he’s proposing and then we will have equal shares across all of his great companies which would then be the single most valuable company in the world

Ok well clearly you’re in love with Tesla with good reason but when it comes to electric cars, Tesla is way too over hype and over valued and yeah even Nio is over valued but I think Nio is a good investment in EV as compared to tesla especially for new small cap investors who want good returns, don’t get me wrong Tesla is the world leader in EV but the hype is way too much and the self driving car issue in which elon clearly laughed and rejected Lidar tech will greatly hurt him in the long term cause it has been proven that Lidar is superior to sensors and cameras for selfdriving cars so yeah for now the cult-up hyped is around elon but tesla definitely will face some challenges in future especially if they don’t live up to the hype investors are putting on them, that in my opinion everyone is entitled to their opinion but take a minute and try to justify the 700 billion dollar market cap tesla has which will likely hit a trillion before mid 2021.

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Tesla and NIO have been my 2 best stocks out of 50+ with 25% and 18% rises since opening positions several weeks ago.

So either they are great bets, or all of the rest of my pics are rubbish…!

I have to admit tesla as a whole is a great company. But Elon Musk didn’t have any real competitors until NIO has turned up. Especially the chargeable batteries

Have to disagree with you on the BTC side of your reply as BTC is worth it’s price. Limited supply, huge demand, store of value, the godfather of crypto that pretty much every other crypto is traded against and, it’s a hell of a lot cheaper and faster for me to send BTC to friends in Oz than it is via the bank.

BTC itself isn’t perfect but it’s laid the foundations for a new path in how we transact and, the blockchain technology it’s built on is changing the world as we speak :slight_smile:

The iteration of innovation. Tesla was the first to break the barriers in the EV world but, others are now building on their success and bringing more life to the party and the quality of the cars is outstanding. That plus everything else they are doing it’s nowhere near it’s fair value. Production will ramp up this year with COVID restrictions lifting and plant running at full pelt rather than a single shift but yeah, Tesla’s knocking out big numbers but I’d rather a NIO than a Tesla anyday

Ps. This is the Tesla showroom in Belfast where I live lol

Just google NIO showrooms I’ll not bother posting the pics.

Quality over quantity

Could I ask you to justify how Bitcoin is a sensible investment. I’m not trying to start a debate, I’m just genuinely curious as I’ve been trying to find an answer from anybody on this forum and all over Google and I can’t find anything at all that justifies investing money. Every reason I’ve read so far just doesn’t add up.

I’m not having a go at blockchain or Bitcoin as I do like both. I’m just talking from an investment point of view.

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For as long as crypto is decentralised it will never be a safe investment, the trouble is what reason do you have to not buy it? The whole idea of investing is to make money, need I say anymore?

FOMO has to kick in on all of us at some point, for me it’s this year’s growth

Limited supply 18.59 million currently in circulation and its max supply of 21 million btc won’t all be available on the market unless it’s mined and, the mining process in itself won’t complete for around another 80-100 years they estimate with the halving of rewards processes and the mining difficulty raising each time a reward is unlocked.

It’s doing $60+ billion per day in trading so a lot of demand.

A lot of people buying and holding so, taking an already limited supply and making it even more limited.

The amount of BTCs in wallets that people have forgotten or lost their seed words to get back in is around is estimated anywhere between 10-20%. Take the 10 as the lowest you’ve just taking 10% out of circulation.

Huge demand, fixed and limited supply creates scarcity and scarcity is amazing for price appreciation.

It’s current market cap is over $600b

Ps. Bitcoin is built on the blockchain they aren’t a separate entity.

It’s the reason it was created as decentralised lol central banks are ruining countries with copious amounts of printing money out of thin air and they can keep creating it out of thin air. If we print money at home we get jailed but the banks can print as much as they like and pump it out there putting the fiat currency in your pocket worth less and less each time.

The blockchain technology it’s built on means there can never be anymore btc than what there is set to be. A real currency that you can trust. I look at it the same way I’d look at gold or silver only, it’s a digital asset but, banks are pretty much digital anyway with all the contactless cards, online banking, Apple pays and google pays etc. Fiat in itself is fading away so the question is, do you trust your central bank enough to hold your money there or, do you want complete control over your assets yourself?

When a financial system is owned by no one person or company, has no office and is a total p2p transactional system and its value beats every bank on the market lol the banks are feared for what’s happening. I’m not allowed a uk high street bank account nor a business account because I bought and sold btc. They said I was money laundering but was never a legality brought towards me from anyone or any institution ie police etc.

Not sure I needed a lesson in crypto lol and I understand the concept lol
The thing is it could be worth $1 or $1m lol so for that reason it’s not a “safe investment” lol
I wouldn’t sell my property and buy bitcoin lol but it will most likely become very valuable in the future lol but not before it’s had its ups and downs lol

Enough lols on there for you lol?

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Lol sorry mate if I went on just best to explain best I can. It’s main use case is transacting p2p, trading pair against pretty much every crypto out there bar a few and daily trading volume exceeding $60b it’s a pretty safe investment. There’s not that much btc actually in circulation when you look at the big holders wallets lol

It’s a Belfast thing :joy:

That’s the usual reasons I see but it still doesn’t add up as an investment opportunity. Thats all factual details and impressive numbers regarding Bitcoin, but it is not giving any logical or sensible reason to invest. There is nothing fundamental here that show it’s investable as an asset. For the following reasons:

That’s great, but Bitcoin just invented itself and made its own rules. It’s judge, jury, and executioner. This logic reminds me of when fundamentalist Christians use the “it’s true because the Bible says it’s true” reasoning. It’s cyclical thinking. It’s not tied to anything tangible like gold or other precious metals which are needed for our technology to function correctly.

Same as above on supply and demand. To reiterate, this is a self propelling machine showing supply and demand for supply and demands sake. Again, I’m looking for reasons that show it’s a sound investment opportunity. If this increase in demand was justified by something, this would be a good reason, but it’s not. It’s cyclical thinking again.

Same as above re supply and demand.

Same point again on supply and demand.

They are separate. e-mail runs on the internet, but we can’t say e-mail is the internet.


Which also isn’t a worthwhile usecase! Nobody wants to get paid in something that could be worth less half an hour later. And once instant bank transfers become mainstream (they’re already here with the likes of Revolut), there’ll be even less of a reason to use Bitcoin instead of a stable currency. Further to that, all the major banks and card providers are doing research into blockchain, so I’d expect blockchain payments with fiat currency down the line. Rendering Bitcoin completely useless then!

Again, I like blockchain and I like Bitcoin. I worked for a company in the past who was doing blockchain R&D. I’m just looking for a logical and sensible reason to invest in Bitcoin as an asset and have not found any.

World banks are already implementing blockchain technology into their systems.

No there’s speculation of who invented btc but the main player is Satashi Nakamato and a group of mathematical and coding geniuses. I truly believe they did not foresee where it would go. It’s a lot to take in to fathom what it is lol like I said earlier, it’s a digital version of gold and I just seen this pop up on my phone

The volume of USD traded in BTC over the last year is astronomical!! I had to find out what G meant lol it’s 100x 0’s after the number!!! Called a

A lot of cards out there that you can load with btc and spend in shops, connect to phone wallets and use via Apple pays etc. I’m a huge advocate of crypto but until you use it yourself and transact with it it’s hard to grasp.

It’s a new concept to a lot of people (cryptocurrency in general I mean) so it’s revolutionising the system and all we know is traditional fiats, shares and bonds etc. I had to explain how btc was a tangible asset to a group of pensioners lol I hope this is going a bit smoother than it :joy:

I’ve used crypto plenty! And likewise, as I mentioned, I used work for a company who did blockchain research. Granted my role was more in algorithm development as opposed to hosting the algorithms on the blockchain, but I did have exposure to the technology so am well familiar with it.

I definitely think banks will end up using blockchain, it’s certainly heading that way. Which makes total sense too with it being a secure, immutable, quick transfer technology.

But bitcoin as an asset to hold and invest in is different. I just can’t find any reason to. This time next year it could be 5000 dollars, it could be 50000 dollars. Nobody knows.

Everything goes up and down in value. I’ve got 50p coins worth a small fortune and all they are is 50p coins. People hold gold and silver bars incase currency’s collapse and they have an asset to trade and barter for goods. BTC is that bartering tool online against the other 8k+ cryptocurrencies out there and over the last 24hrs alone has a combined transaction value of $138+ billion. It has a 68% market dominance. Buy yourself some cheaper cryptos hold them in your digital portfolio :slight_smile:

If there was NIO EV’s in Europe, I’ll most likely buy that than other “luxury” EV’s.

Then again, it would be better to buy the stock than the price for the car. Dilemmas dilemma.

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