ISA transfer from Freetrade to Trading 212

Freetrade like a child’s made the company, the way they advertise it in app, isn’t user friendly. All there stocks lagged by 15 minutes. Even when you come to sell it shows you a receipt of what it says tour going to get you sell it, you end up with half haha(gotta go to google to check stock price) & they have literally NO stocks, 80% are AIM stocks that have fell last 6 years lool

Eurasian Mining? :smiley:
How is that looking since they got a new Nomad?

Modern brokers that don’t offer in-specie transfers. This is mind boggling. I used to run an ‘old school’ brokerage where we’d offer same day in specie transfers for anything held in Crest. SAME DAY. This was 2004 onwards… yes…16 years ago this service was better and still free (for that service, of course not the overall offering, that was more expensive admittedly)…

At this rate the next Fintech startup will intermediate to fill gaps left behind by the current Fintech startups (open offers and placing a for retail clients? Anyone? Anyone? Oh!:crazy_face:) until everybody intermediates everything because no single offering covers all bases. The worlds gone mad!!!

Surely t212 will eventually offer this service? Most holdings are ultimately with Interactive Brokers aren’t they?

It’s actually Freetrade that don’t support in-specie out that’s the main issue.

All quiet on the Western (Eastern?) front…

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Trading 212 does not presently support in-specie transfer-in. So both are presently obstacles. However, T212 have said they have in-specie transfers in their future plans.


There is no single company in this planet that can survive with free services :wink:

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Wouldn’t disagree, I just think the free offer has to be compelling for rapid expansion and there are other ways to raise income, such as lending securites etc. Some of Feetrade’s pricing decisions seem to run counter to its core ‘mission’ of making investing accessible.

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How long did your ISA take to transfer once you sent the email?

Email sent Weds, funds arrived yesterday.

where do I find my freetrade isa number to put onto the transfer form. I am looking to move it to T212

I found it you go to bank transfer as if to be adding more money and then use the reference number on there. Thought this may help someone in the future so to share it.

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if you look up this is mentioned earlier in this thread.

I thought that was for finding the t212 account number. I was talking about the freetrade one. Turns out method is the same for both.

ah ok, gotcha. I just wrote ‘ISA account’ in that box on the form.

@thebinkbank Son, you are playing with fire.