Join the waitlist to open a new account

Great news! Hopefully this will end the YouTube FUD that started to escalate last year and got a lot of users worried.


unlikely, as long as FUD leads to cash incentives for the people spouting it, it will continue to occur. if not for Reason A, it will be the fault of Reason B or C et cetera.

@Tony.V @Team212 that’s great news. Can’t wait to see T212 grow and get bigger each year. One day I’m hoping for all the world market’s but I know that’s miles off. Congratulations again, only been with 212 for around 2.5 years but looking forward to many more.


Tomorrow’s gonna be a lucky day for some folks.

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Here’s a question.

If I’ve joined the wait list with my old email address (which I do still have access to), can I still sign up with a new email address, or would I have to wait until my new address is reached within the list?

Or would I need to sign up with my old address and then change it afterwards?

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You’ll have to use the email registered on the waitlist (i.e. the old email, as you mentioned). You can change the email to a different one once the account is activated.


Ok no problem, thanks for the answer :slightly_smiling_face:

When the post is gonna be available to read?

@jjrapy Here you have it:

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Thanks Tony!! I’ll take a look at that.

Is there anyway to find out of I am still on the waiting list for UK?

I signed up for the waiting list last year, but my email account was attached to a deactivated account as I hadn’t used trading 212 for about 4 years, I asked for my email account to be released so I could use it to sign up with when the time comes.

Just wondering if I am still on the list or if when they released my account I was taken off the list.

I signed the waiting list just a couple of days after it started , can I check if I am still on the list, as per mods post they have been starting to onboard people (albeit slowly since last week)

If you registered on the waitlist, then for sure you’ll get your invite. Please bear with us :pray: - the demand is high, and we are continuously sending the invites.


Any clues on the size of the waitlist @Tony.V are we talking thousands, hundreds of thousands…millions?



If my wife joins the waiting list today with a plan to deposit 20k pounds in an ISA account (we’re in the UK) is that doable ? There’s like 40 days left for this financial year. I understand the demand is high, but it will be nice to have an update (say once per month) about size of waiting list and how long does it take to get an invite. Thank you !

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If she joined today, I guess there are hundreds of thousands of people before her in the queue.

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If there’s stocks at a discount that she needs to buy asap while waiting for her account to be setup, she can give you the money to buy through your account and then sell and transfer the money to her account once finished.

That way she wouldn’t miss any opportunity imo


I’ve just managed to sign up today - and ISA accounts are currently not accessible so I think there’s another wait ahead :sweat_smile:

At least we know at least one person has got an invite in the past two weeks