Join the waitlist to open a new account

I signed up in February last year if that helps at all, of course I imagine that was the busiest month for the waiting list but fingers crossed you won’t have long left! :crossed_fingers:t3:


you can create an account through another broker and transfer it over next year. Ofcourse thats not the best option but if you really want to get the deposit in this year and use trading212 next year it may be your best option. I suggest using vanguard if you want to do so, they have low fees and own most of the funds people buy anyway so you should trust them.

Are you onboarding from countries outside of the EU and UK too? @Tony.V

Im from the UK but currently living in South Korea.

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Remembering that Trading 212 only accept transfers of cash at the moment, it may be worth opening a cash ISA, and transfer it into Trading 212 next year. No worries about selling shares then. Ask the team if they can do this first though, I haven’t done anything like this before.

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Same Question as @DanTheNoob I signed up from Bahrain :bahrain: in June 2020. But my couple of friends are waiting from Jan 2021 more than a year. When can we expect that you open sign ups for Bahraini :bahrain: residents or GCC in particular. Thanks.

Hey, @DanTheNoob, @Usman_Nawaz.

Thank you for your interest - it’s appreciated. Currently, we onboard EU & UK residents and do not have a timeframe for expanding our service to other regions.

Hello Guys.
Do we have any further update on UK onboarding
it’s been about 15 months since regeristing interest
and still no movement on length of time we still to wait ?.

@Kenp061 Look above this threat, The UK onbording is in the meanwhile running.

Have you not get an invitation?

@shorty68de I joined waiting list through a referral
Heard nothing since.

@Kenp061 Then I would recommend you to write to an employee of T212 here: For example @Bogi.H or @Tony.V

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I signed up for the waitlist within the first couple of days of it being a thing, still not got an invite to onboard, there must have been one hell of a list


Hey @Kenp061, @mikey1878.

We are onboarding new clients in a steady rate and gradually making our way through the queue. You both mention you’ve joined the waitlist, so you’ll definitely get an invite.


Can you give an indication of the size of the waitlist and how quickly T212 are working through it?

I imagine several people will need to make investment decisions soon due to the end/start of the tax year - so this would be very helpful information.


I joined the list a couple of days after it opened last Jan. It has been 2 months and still not got ‘an invite’ Not that I think something is wrong but there must have been a lot of people in the two or three days before I signed up.

Never tried so hard to give someone my money before :joy:


People that claim they have been onboarded recently all report they joined the waitlist in 2021.

as did I sorry if I wasnt clear, I meant Jan 2021


Hi 212.

How many do you estimate are in the waitlist?

How many do you estimate are being invited daily?

I have asked this in a generic way, that would not breach DPA/GDPR.

Dodl by AJ Bell publicized their waitlist had just over 3,000 on it.


I really believed that this was me and that I had replied here before :joy:

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Any updates on how far in to the list we are? I have a few referrals waiting to be added (plus I want my free shares).


We are steadily making our way through the queue, however, we prefer not to commit to an ETA as this might provoke further confusion.

One thing is certain, though - everyone on the waitlist will receive an invite sooner or later.