Junior SIPP (UK)

Just a quick reminder to all of the parents/grandparents on here, there is less than a day until the new tax year begins. I nearly forgot (yes that’s what pops into my head late on a sunday evening lol).

Sadly this is not a feature yet on T212 - maybe one day hint hint.

I wanted to ask what other people`s thoughts were on the type/make-up % and risk appetite they have setup if they already have one for their children?

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Just my 2p, but I think the general view is that the earlier you start investing, the more risk you can afford to take in the markets, so probably near 100% equity(It’s part of my plan when I have kids).

VWRP Vanguard FTSE All World (0.22% OCF)
HMWO HSBC MSCI All World (0.15% OCF)

I think they are two of the cheapest all world equity ETFs on this platform with a low spread of about 5bps each.


I think @Dougal1984 2p makes a lot of sense.

My own 2p as dad, don’t put too much money for these kids! The idea is to teach them how to catch the fish and not how to eat the fish :+1: :smile:


@Dougal1984 yes I was thinking along the same lines, I will have a look at both of them thank you for the tip

@Zrtz definitely :smile: I think mine have just about learnt enough to atleast make youtube videos about day trading :money_mouth_face: This is a literal quote from my son if he see`s the trading charts “green mountains are good, red valleys are bad”

Yeah I’m leaning this way. We had Sven Carlin on the podcast last year and he said the same thing. He’ll give them great experiences, he’ll give them the best education, they’ll travel and experience cultures but money…nothing.