Prices not updating


All of my investments currently show no update since 16.30 yesterday, even though there have been price movements since the market opened this morning. As a result my portfolio return is showing incorrect as it also hasn’t changed since 16.30.

Is this a bug with T212, or is there a market reason for all holdings not updating today…?

What instruments are you having issue with? Interested to know the tickers. Is it actually all or are a few fine?

I’m having this issue with KOD on AIM. The feed doesn’t seem to be including any new quotes to display.

I’ve got GGP, SYME and ALBA currently in T212. None have updated today.

Update: SYME started moving at 10.00 this morning. The other two still frozen.

This happens a lot. @Team212 can we get some answers please? What is the problem? Why does it keep happening? What are you doing about it?

FYI, GGP started moving at 11.00… still no updates on ALBA.

Whenever I go on chat I have to battle through constant replies about:

It’s an AIM stock (yes I know that)

It’s low liquidity (yes fine I can see 10-1000 trades going through each day)

Then I get them changing the subject to execution, when all I’m asking is about it not receiving any new quotes.

Then I get them saying well some don’t get new quotes for weeks, or trying to say that they are all offbook.

Then I point out if they check on a normal day when it is working, there’s plenty of new data and it’s plotting the ask correctly.

Then I get a fine we’ll look at it to end the conversation.

Then I get an email saying nothing is wrong, and the charts match IB, completely ignoring the fact the IB charts will also be showing an incorrect out of date ask too.

@David if we can have a reply from you, as you know what you’re talking about. :pray:

And re ALBA I’ve lost all hope. It’s frustrating as anything when you can see an ask but can’t do anything about it.

Same again this morning. No activity on any instruments and portfolio shown as a flat line with no change in value.

A platform needs to be responsive to changes in price and guarantee that shares can be bought and sold at the right prices. In addition my money needs to be accessible - I can’t afford to be sat on a holding because T212 is offering me an out of date sell price when in reality the SP is higher.

Unfortunately I won’t be adding any more instruments to T212 and once I’ve cashed out of the current ones I’ll be putting future investments elsewhere. A shame because the app is superb and to-date I’ve never had issue, but the last couple of weeks have highlighted an issue that there seems little appetite to fix, namely inaccurate prices and an inability to sell, and that’s a risk I won’t carry with my cash.

The price you see displayed however is not what you’ll get it executed at though. Probably best with limits to be safe.

So like KOD atm which is still showing an out of date 0.07 ask from October, if i place a buy it’ll go through at whatever.

Currently a 0.075 is the best ask, that is working on Tradingview @Team212

29 October :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What’s the latest price you have on ALBA @phildawson ?

I’ve got nothing since 16:40 on Thursday 5th November (p0.492).

0.49 ASK and 0.45 BID atm.

I don’t think the ask has changed since Thurs, so it might be fine.

I know this is a few months old but the lack of updates on stocks is still an issue. Currently watching activity on KOD on other trading sites but trading212 still has it at the same price as yesterday at midday and sometimes can go days with out updates.

Did anyone get any update on this?

I’m not in Kodal it was frustrating me so much. Yep the current ASK should be 0.95

T212 hasn’t updated. :unamused:

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Stopped yesterday lunchtime.

Bloomberg being crap again. Does my head in.

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