Thoughts on Lemonade

What are your thoughts on Lemonade stock?

Hype stock I think anything insurance based I stay well clear of, so many aspects can pop up and plummet stock price haha

I believe from minimum research it is an insurance business based on attracting millennial etc. I would say that wont be particularly successful as the majority of younger population tend to feel invincible and very unlikely to want any cover.

LOL talk about a sweeping generalisation, literally any excuse to have a swipe at the young 'uns eh bloody whippersnappers.

It home and renters insurance btw.

But its a hype stock with next to no revenue - claims to be big on charity and is miles short of its competition.

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Haha i still class myself as a young one (just) but agree hype stock with weak foundations. I never remember getting renters insurance and home is pretty easy to get no issues and cheap for basic cover required by mortgages etc so not sure what their unique selling point is. Perhaps a flashy app…

Nice dip here for Lemonade if people wanted to get in. What are peoples throughts. I was interested previously around the $50 mark, then t went up again mid 60’s, but this pullback was tempting so im in for a tiny amount.