Links in referral promotion email dead

So I got biten by this pretty email reminder subjecting “Only 7 days left to get free shares ![:gift:]” from T212.
Wanted to check out the terms of it, as I doubt I can get my friend through the whole onboarding process within a week.
But both important links (FAQ + Terms and Conditions) at the bottom of the email are dead:


That doesn’t answer your question, but from experience the onboarding takes about a day if your friends manage to get their papers in order, and registering on the EU platform (I believe UK is still on waiting list).

Working fine here.
Terms and Conditions: Legal Documents | Trading 212

I doubt that your friends won’t be able to get through the process on time. Last week I got my girlfriend to sign up and it literally took minutes. Her bank deposit arrived the next day.

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Hey, everyone :wave: Do excuse us for the inconvenience caused.

There was indeed a batch of emails sent out containing this particular flaw. We managed to detect and resolve the mix-up almost immediately, yet a part of our clients still received it in this format.

The links shared above by @VicVega are spot on, so you can definitely refer to them if you need more information or ping me as well.

We value our customers’ time a great deal hence the reason we’ve put a lot of effort into making the onboarding process as quick and easy as possible. If by any chance you happen to run into any difficulties whatsoever, you or your friend can always reach out to our team, via this contact form and we’ll gladly assist you further.