Long wait on Dividends

Hi @RLX,

So I started a chat session with customer support and he understood the issue and opened an internal investigation to locate the funds.

Dividend was credited to my account. Don’t know what calculations did MDC, but dividend per share is not $0.08 as in the table you’ve shared. I was expecting more according to the closing price of MDC’s stock on the record date, and now that T212 credited it to my account I can confirmed it is not :money_mouth_face:.

T212 shows the net dividend per share (gross dividend - tax withhold amount).

Try doing the calculus:

Net dividend per share = Gross dividend per share * (1 - tax rate) = $0.08 * (1 - 0.15) = $0.068 per share.

After that the total amount (net dividend per share * number of shares) is converted to the account currency.

Note: I used the common US tax rate of 15%, confirm if it is that, on your History tab.

This was a return of paid capital, so no taxes withheld.

Dividend was $ 4.75/share. Quite different from $0.08. I think in the table they might want to mention 8%, or 0.08. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Maybe it’s the adjusted cost basis amount.

Se foi a mais, não faz mal. Já dá para uma mariscada. :wink:

Yes, could be also an error from MDC on their website.

The stock dividend details on the MDC website are indeed displayed wrong, until you go into the PDF detail which has the correct details. $4.75 is higher than what I estimated - it states 1/12.5th of the share price on record date for the cash value(8%).