Long wait on Dividends

Can we have a divident note sent to e-mail, same format as when buying/selling shares, I’ll have a hard time reporting whether there was a withholding tax or not for Revenue agency next tax year.

Has anyone noticed dividends taking a while to hit. I’ve a few that are maybe over a week or more that I want to get reinvested right away…but still waiting on payment.
T212 should also have a dividend accrual on an account so we know what is pending at least. Currently I am tracking it seperately.

I dont get many but the notifications dont help. I still think they have ex date rather than payable date so can seem a bit longer!

Took 4 days to hit my account which considering everything is more than ok, especially with a weekend in between pay date and receiving it. No complaints here

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Why is the PETS dividend still not distributed? It was due 21 May 2021 (payout date). It was distributed in my M1 finance account a long time ago.

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Someone else still waiting for Pfizer dividend? Payout date was June 4th.

Is there a problem with the Pfizer dividend? @Team212 @B.E @Hris.M

Also waiting for this dividend to arrive. Sure it will show up somewhere this week. :moneybag:


Good to know that I’m not the only one! Was a bit strange to me since I already received another dividend today with the payout date June 7th.

P.S.: why would someone mark my initial post if the topic here is “long wait on dividends”?🤦🏻

Sometimes posts are flagged for the attention of T212 staff.

Received the dividend payment about 10 minutes ago! :white_check_mark:


Indeed, the said dividend was just paid out, moments ago. :v: