Long wait on Dividends

Please be so kind and check the official pay out date for gazprom in the internet. Stop wasting time on forum chats, start fixing it.

It’s the fourth post in succession at regular intervals, and the previous three were flagged. There’s a bot to help stop spam posts. I just had one tagged instantly for review on another thread and not sure what triggered it :man_shrugging:

Has anyone asked for clarity on why there are delays? The way I see it, we can’t expect the world from something that barely barely costs us, albeit some might see this as something fairly basic that should be provided. Global interest rates are so low, it’s not exactly as if they will be making interest from it, and I’m sure they would rather we all buy more stocks.

Is it as simple as it’s a manual process, or 212 pay out on actual rather than contractual?

Could it even be they’re having to make sure and set aside the appropriate amounts for tax purposes?

Who knows.


Haven’t received my monthly dividends of Gladstone Commercial $GOOD. Payment was a week ago.

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Never mind. Just noticed it was paid this morning. I don’t get notifications anymore.


Anyone had AGNC dividend yet? Should have been paid on 10th

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Also waiting on Evraz dividend - should have been paid on 10th

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It’s normal to wait this long for them to arrive. They will come.

I’m waiting over two weeks on Deutsche Post dividends myself. It always comes though.

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Are you waiting for your truck to arrive from Germany? Maybe there is some heavy traffic or rough seas… :smiley:



Perhaps uk border control post brexit delaying things :laughing:


Is missing at least 4 div from my pies.

It’s certainly a truckload of dividends I’m expecting! I had a sizeable holding.


Is there an update on the Barrick Gold Normal and Special Dividends?

Payout was for September 15th.

Just wondered if anyone else was waiting for the IBM dividend to be paid? It’s been 11 days and just wanted to know if anyone else was in the same situation

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I am still missing

IBM (payout was 9th of September)

STAG (payout was 15th of September)

GOLD (payout was 15th of September)