Long wait on Dividends

Same here for Caterpillar and Blackstone. Still waiting.

I raised the issue again and was told it was “spam”

Utterly disgraceful customer service from 212 and I’ll be advising my friends they stay well away

How to turn genuine customer queries into confrontation by T212 :rage:

Don’t take it personally, it just makes sense to have all dividend wait-related queries in one place.

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Actually, when post is flagged, most time it is by fellow members.

But as T mentioned, no point taking it personally, there are dedicated topics existing.

Moderators are trying to keep things tidy.

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Okay, I won’t take it personally

But I ask again - where is the dividend payment that people with a myriad of other brokerages received on the 16th?

Why is T212 unique in withholding it way past the pay date?

@mhaynes Just to be sure that you haven’t missed it - a member of our team already sent you a private message (4 hours ago) which contains the precise answer to your question. Your question was account-related, thus why we preferred to assist you via a direct message with concrete information about your inquiry.

As of the posts flagging - you have created several topics concerning the same matter, thus why it was marked.

We are still missing the Caterpillar dividends… Payable on 19.02

Caterpillar dividends still not received. This is quite bad 7 days including weekend and this should be an automated work…

Track dividends (paydate or exdate) due on Trading212 platform here …


Just got my JMAT payment today (2021-02-26) which had a pay date of 2021-02-04 so 16 days late excluding weekends.

Looking forward to the Tesco special dividend turning up. I could be an old man by the time I get it but never mind.

payable Feb. 26 to shareholders of records as of Feb. 12

So today + 3-5 days that’s the usual delay.

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@Methuselah oh wow… this is the biggest delay I heard of since I’m on T212 and I’m sure is an exception. For sure this is not the rule, the delay usually is 3-5 days.
I’m sure @Team212 can tell you the reason and confirm it was an exception.

Costco dividend? Pay date: Feb 19.
Current date: 27 feb.
I’m aware it can take some days but 8 days… And it also the weekend right now so more likely 9-10 days

Hi, HSBC MSCI Russia Capped UCITS ETF dividend was paid, according to https://www.assetmanagement.hsbc.es/es/professional-investors/fund-centre/ie00b5ljzq16?t=3, on 18 February. I haven’t received it yet, after 11 days. How much long will it take for it to be paid?

Has anyone had the Tesco special dividend yet? Seems to be taking a very long time to be paid

Hi Rob,

I’m waiting for this as well and it seems to take a good week to get dividends these days so it might be early to mid next week before we get them.


Not yet. It was only Friday 26th payment date, so 3rd working day. (Although I know other brokers would have paid quicker. 3 days isn’t long by T212 standards)

Thanks for the reply. I’m used to waiting with 212 but suppose it just felt longer than 3 days. Thanks again

Tesco’s special dividend will be distributed today or Monday. We apologize for the delay.