Longer processing times for new stocks


I’ve experienced longer execution processing times on a couple of new holdings I have bought from the new stock list. My worry here is there is no cancellation option and in the case of two purchases yesterday for IQAI the orders were executed an hour or so late. I recognise with this stock liquidity can be an issue.

Today I’ve experienced the same issue attempting to buy Hummingbird which is an aim stock, it is still processing as I type.

The chat helper first suggested it was because they were OTC stocks, one is LSE and one is Aim. Then I was told some are only available at certain auction intervals.

I’ve never had a problem buying Hummingbird before using other platforms.

Would welcome any clarification as the experiences of yesterday and today are completely at odds with an otherwise exceptional service.

At the least it would be good to have the safeguard of being able to cancel a trade if it doesn’t execute within a set time e.g. 90 seconds.

I’m having the same issues and just recently posted asking for help.
I’ve heard nothing yet.

I’m trying to purchase 100 shares only at market value. Been stuck on processing for an hour.

+2 I agree ever since those attacks

as of today, I am also having the same issue on OTC and LSE markets. Orders (market or limit) are pending for hours. Also the sell price seems to be delayed.

Is it a liquidity issue?

I’m sure on invest and ISA you can cancel the order?

I’ve noticed extended delays today on several trades across exchanges.