Looks like Tesla could hit an all time high this week could $550 be on the horizon?

I agree Ev’s make up a small amount of the cars on the road right now so they have so much room to grow

Nikola vehicles also don’t move without an incline on the road yet.

@soloinv I’m not even considering Nikola for cars I think they will only enter the truck market, I thought maybe @laguiar was saying “Nicola Tesla” to play with the names obviously

Where did you leave the clown face?

I thought that was a “must have” on your Nikola posts :smiley:.

It’s much more fun without it :grin:


Be intressting to see where Tesla’ heading.

Personally i think a 550-570 range for the end of this year would be solid

I think its going to hold until the inclusion maybe drop back to 450-470 just prior and then should break free of the 500 barrier for good

Their trucks might do well but they still need the infrastructure

I do like some quality Tesla discussions just before gym, gets me going.

So how do you reach this price targets?
What metrics do you use?

Distance to the moon!


Makes sense, next target Mars? :slight_smile:


Mainly reading the previous charts and the price targets set by professionals, although I think the higher target of 615 they’ve set for the inclusion might not be realised until after q1 2021.
What metrics did you use for Tesla to have reached ATH this month? Can you show us how it worked?

Are you showing off about the gym being open where you are? :man_facepalming: