Lurkin Coffee share

Lurkin coffee felt by 80% premarket…
I wanted to open a position, but Trading212 failed to show the live rate when market open. Market opened at $4.9 a share… but Trading212 opened market at yesterday rate. I kept trying but rate took over 2min to show the rate but all my order was going to pending waited for few both market rate and limit order… it a shame missed a good buying opportunity now rate $6.5 at the time of writing. And still I cant buy…

Edit; finally got a position @$8.8…
Wanted to by 100shares now only bought 50 :-1:

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Hmm, I usually used Limit orders before market opens. Works like charm…

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Yes, I tried that but it would not accept as the margin was huge. Trading212 was showing $26 sumthing and I was looking at $5 or under.

Well that is problem of limit I belive, market price is still best available price so graph or no graph.

Probably create Idea topic to unlock the Limit discount, I would say it is some fixed number and not % discount.

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True the % discount was the restriction with premarket order.
Well I took a position of 100 shares, it will be long term investment… currently down 23% :sweat_smile: just off my purchase price.

I saw that by chance too through price alert set at $15. Thought it was a joke or technical error seeing 2 different prices.

I noticed that the live price was $5+ but was reflecting $20+ at yesterdays close. So I just placed a limit order at $6 and later went through.

Any chance of getting a pre-market access here on T212?